Briarcliff Proponents Still Bullish on Cityhood

Proponents of a city of Briarcliff say they remain confident their cityhood bill will move forward in the General Assembly.

On Thursday, the City of Briarcliff Initiative said the organization has finalized a charter outlining cityhood and is waiting to present it to the DeKalb legislative delegation.

On January 9, the DeKalb delegation urged Briarcliff, Lakeside and Tucker cityhood proponents to resolve their proposed borders.

Allen Venet, president of City of Briarcliff Initiative, said, “Briarcliff followed the DeKalb Delegation’s recommendation to pursue mediation among the three proposed cities. This included Briarcliff presenting dates and an extensive list of unbiased mediators to pick from. Neither Tucker or Lakeside was interested in this path.”

Briarcliff met independently with both Tucker and Lakeside but Venet said neither group indicated a willingness to compromise.


  1. South Fulton Guy says:

    It is simply amazing that anti-big Government Republicans continue to entertain this effort and others for incorporations, to create yet another layer of Government. Does this make them RINO’s or can this genuinely be justified as being consistent with GOP Core Values?

    • bgsmallz says:

      The ‘other layer’ of government line is pretty tired. You are using layer like layer cake. A three layer cake is the same as a two layer cake except just more cake. That’s an inaccurate analogy.

      Look at it like clothing layers….Shoes and socks are two layers with two different yet similar functions. County government providing municipal services is like trying to stay warm when all you have is outdated fabrics. You look like the little brother in A Christmas Story. However, if you give that kid a 21st century shell by Patagonia over his cotton shirt, you’ve created a ‘new’ layer, but you’ve streamlined the function, created more efficiency, and eliminated redundancies.

      The core value isn’t ‘number of governments’, the core value is “less” government. Through efficiency gained thru local control and municipalities delivering municipal services, you end up with less waste and bloat and in turn a ‘smaller’ government even though you’re accomplishing it through two entities instead of one.

  2. South Fulton Guy says:

    Rush Limbaugh: “You believe in small, limited, out-of-the-way government. You want the government to be like officials in the NFL: Never the story. When the game’s over, you don’t even know what they did.”

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