Morning Reads for Wednesday, February 5, 2014


As an editor, I’ve made plenty of embarrassing mistakes, but never anything like this …

What Kind of Drivers Are in Orlando? Jim Romenesko.
Dallas Cowboy Legend Gives 10K to Wendy Davis Campaign. Politico.
Jeb Bush playing a role in high-stakes Florida congressional election. Daily Journal.
ObamaCare Expected to Lead to Loss of Nearly 2.3 Million Jobs. FoxNews.
4 Arrested in Connection with Drugs in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Apartment. CNN.
10 More Questions Bill O’Reilly Might Have Asked the President. Huffington Post.
Tennessee Governor Proposes Two Free Years of Community College, Tech School. NY Times.
Winter Storm Nikita Forecast. The Weather Channel.
Hotel Horror Stories, Live From Sochi. Washington Post.
Microsoft New CEO Cuts the Drama, Middle Management. Business Insider.


State Rep Introduces Bill to Drug Test for Food Stamps. AllNews 106.7.
Dr. Bernice King “Utterly Ashamed” by Sibling Legal Battle. Fox 5 Atlanta.
Metro Leaders Say Evacuation Plans Need to Include Winter Weather. WSB TV.
Ethics issues in Brookhaven? Brookhaven Post.
AirWatch Exec Says Company Will Continue Expanding in the Perimeter. Reporter Newspapers.
Atlanta City Councilwoman Cleta Winslow Pleads Guilty to DUI, Receives Probation. Creative Loafing.
The Atlanta Braves $100 Million Man. AJC.
Brenda Woods’ Comments on Coke Ad Prompt Debate. 11Alive.
Deal Says Thanks to Westlake High School Staff. CBS Atlanta.
National Signing Day: Where are Metro Atlanta’s Top Prospects Headed? Midtown Patch.
Barnes: Jury Stacked Against Former Cobb EMC CEO. Marietta Daily Journal.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    I watch the Colbert Report a few times a month. Colbert’s interview last night of three members of Pussy Riot that had bee imprisoned in Russia for being disrespectful in a church was good, especially so in that one of the three was doing the translating—great mixture of humor and commentary in the latter two-thirds of the show—the ladies matched Colbert’s wit.

  2. Noway says:

    Surely we aren’t surprised by Russian incompetence regarding Sochi or anything else. They haven’t done anything of note since their Yuri Gargarin triumph. Go 50 miles outside of Moscow and you’re as 3rd World as it gets.

    • Raleigh says:

      Wow John, I’m surprised. I would think you would want your daughter to be taught by a competent teacher. Being unwed and pregnant may have nothing to do with how good or bad a teacher she is. I would use it as a reason to have a family discussion with my daughter. If the table was turned and it was your daughter unwed and pregnant would you love her less? Wouldn’t you want her to succeed without everyone else applying preconceived notions about who she is? I think the old saying is Judge not……

      • John Konop says:

        ……If the table was turned and it was your daughter unwed and pregnant would you love her less? Wouldn’t you want her to succeed without everyone else applying preconceived notions about who she is? I think the old saying is Judge not……

        All good points…..

      • mpierce says:

        You don’t have to judge or hold any ill will toward the teacher to not want your daughter in that environment.

        • Raleigh says:

          I beg to differ, you are judging. As you said below “Teachers can be a big influence on your children’s lives.” True but a parent should exhibit more if the parent stays involved. As I said these are life lesson teaching opportunities. What would you teach? Maybe that all single expectant mothers cannot be trusted. Is that really the lesson you want your child to learn?

    • MattMD says:

      Why would you care so much about the personal life of your daughter’s teacher? As long as she is doing her job, it really is none of your damn business.

      • mpierce says:

        I guess you don’t have kids? Teachers can be a big influence on your children’s lives. You certainly hope it’s not a negative one. If you are trying to teach your child that premarital sex is wrong, having a teacher show them the opposite choice everyday could be a problem.

        • Jon Lester says:

          I think daughters are better served by discussing the honest truth of the matter, regardless of religious belief. Tell them what they really want to avoid, and why, not just a fear of going to hell or whatever.

  3. saltycracker says:

    So how many will switch from Walgreen’s to CVS on this decision ? – wall street not thrilled –

    yahoo news: “As everyone is well aware by now, CVS said that it will stop selling tobacco products over the next several months.”

    “That’s a big deal for the company since tobacco products are responsible for $2 billion out of the company’s $125 billion revenue each year. Since CVS is trying to position itself as a healthcare provider, selling a product that’s the nation’s leading cause of preventable deaths would happen be a conflict of interest. “

    • Harry says:

      + CVS
      But then my sister-in-law, a long term smoker and one of my favorites, has just been diagnosed with Stage 5 lung cancer with average life expectancy 40 days.
      All my friends and relatives who were smokers, are prematurely dead.

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