In Advance of Whistleblower Trial, Deal and Aides Are Subpoenaed

The trial of the former chairman of the State Ethics Commission is scheduled to begin on Friday. In advance of the trial, Governor Nathan Deal, Chief of Staff Chris Riley and Chief Counsel Ryan Teague have been subpoenaed to appear as witnesses.

The suit was brought by Sherilyn Streicker, a deputy head of the ethics commission. It claims that Streiker and here former boss, Stacey Kalberman, were fired improperly as they were conducting an ethics complaint against Deal’s 2010 campaign. The complaint was eventually settled and the Deal campaign paid a fine.

In addition to lawsuits brought about by Streiker and ethics commission head Stacey Kalberman, a federal grand jury is also looking into the ethics commission’s activities.

According to WSB-TV, it is unknown whether the governor and his aides will fight the subpoenas.


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