House District 2 and 22 Special Election Results Open Thread

30 minutes remain (as of the posting of this article) in the run-off contests between Steve Tarvin and Neal Florence in the 2nd House District and between Sam Moore and Meagan Biello in the 22nd House District.

If you are a registered voter in either of those districts and haven’t voted, you have until 7p to get in line. Go vote. Now!!!

We’ll have updates as they come in.

::UPDATE: 8:28p::
Hearing that Steve Tarvin has won the run-off in District 2 with 1925 votes to Florence’s 1648 and one precinct remaining (thanks to Doug Grammer for passing along the deets). The Secretary of State’s vendor for posting results apparently is having issues updating. It looks like Sam Moore will win in the 22nd District.

::UPDATE 2::

(un)Official Results: Congratulations to Representatives-elect Steve Tarvin and Sam Moore.


  1. Congrats to Mr Tarvin and Mr. Moore. I look forward to working with you both.

    The House is now back at full strength. There haven’t been many days during the four years I’ve been elected where we’ve had all 180 seats filled.

  2. Florence received donations from legislators all over the state, and also a donation from Senator Mullis who represents the same area in the Senate. Candidate Tarvin mostly self-financed his campaign. It looks like the candidate backed by incumbent leaders actually lost – but this will all be done over again in May so not sure it matters much.

    (We were disappointed in both candidates and welcome the second chance in a few months.)

    — LU

    • eddiep says:

      A second chance for what? A second chance for the establishment candidate, a second chance for the LU candidate, or a second chance to have someone else (anyone that can beat Tarvin) run? Its seems that you have decided Tarvin’s performance (even if exemplary) at the Capitol will not a factor in your choice of a representative.

      • Tarvin’s “performance” will last about three weeks, there won’t be much of a chance for him to show anything. There was really no “LU” candidate in this race, we did not endorse any of the three who ran. We’re disappointed because Tarvin said the state doesn’t have an ethics problem, just a transparency problem, and he decided before being elected that his constituents have no interest in voting on the issue of sole commissioner government – something we haven’t been allowed to vote on in a generation. He summarily dismissed the issue as something nobody wants, when asked about it in our candidate Q&A.

        — LU

  3. Joshua Morris says:

    I look forward to Tarvin’s tenure and how he responds to each issue. I hope he continues to be the straight shooter he has been until now.

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