Gingrey Joins Broun and Kingston Opposing Immigration Amnesty

I mentioned earlier today that immigration reform is likely to become a hot topic in the U.S. House this year.

11th District Congressman and Senate candidate Phil Gingrey announced today that he is opposed to the principles proposed for debate in the house. From the press release:

“I’m not sure who’s [sic] “principles” those are,” said Gingrey. “But they are not mine, and they certainly are not the principals [sic] conservatives want us advocating. Illegal immigration is one of the toughest issues facing our nation, but amnesty is not a sensible solution, and we simply cannot afford to tack tens of millions on to our unemployment lines in our current economic condition. Regardless of what Leadership says, securing the border remains my top priority when it comes to immigration.”

“Georgians are fed up with elected officials who promise to stand-strong on issues just to give in to pressure from special interests when they get to Washington. Throughout my tenure in Congress, I’ve fought to strengthen and uphold our nation’s immigration laws – not ignore them like President Obama and Harry Reid. As your next Senator, I promise to continue that fight.”

Gingrey joins the two other House members running for the Senate in opposing amnesty. Jack Kingston posted this on his campaign Facebook page yesterday: “I will not support an immigration bill that includes amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

Paul Broun released a video on Monday stating his position:


  1. Three Jack says:

    Would love to hear any of the three define amnesty as it is obvious they utilize the word incorrectly in order to ratchet up support from folks who aren’t happy unless they’re pissed.

  2. tribeca says:

    Has a politician made a video more ripe for selective editing? There could be a whole host of interesting questions placed before that “No.”

    For example:

    – Should brown people be allowed to board a plane without receiving at least three full-body cavity searches?

    – Is the earth more than 3000 years old?

    – Is Barack Obama an American citizen?

    – (My personal favorite) Should you trust a medical doctor that doesn’t have admitting privileges to any hospital in the state of Georgia?

  3. NorthGAGOP says:

    Is the “True Conservative” Congressman Broun the most conservative member of the Georgia ?

    His answer is in his video.

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