Atlanta Meteorologists Named to Weather Task Force

Ken Cook, Markina Brown, Glenn Burns and Chesley McNeil were all named to Gov. Nathan Deal’s newly formed Severe Weather Task Force on Monday.

The meteorologists work for Fox 5, CBS Atlanta, Channel 2 Action News and 11Alive, respectively.

Cook and Burns are the deans of metro Atlanta’s weather scene.

Others named to the task force include the heads of the Georgia DOT and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, as well as with school and law enforcement officials.

Rumors are circulating as to the status of Mike Francis who, until last week, was 11Alive’s veteran on-air meteorologist.  Francis has apparently been let go by the station after he failed to show up last month as the threat of a winter storm was bearing down on metro Atlanta.

Deal has come under heavy criticism for the state’s handling of last week’s winter storm.


  1. SmyrnaModerate says:

    Brilliant, co-opt the local media so that when things go wrong the next time the governor can blame the media’ sown meteorologists for making bad recommendations

    • notsplost says:

      I tend to agree … LBJ’s classic line comes to mind:

      “I’d rather have ’em inside the tent pissing out, instead of outside the tent pissing in”

  2. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Including members of the media gives me pause on a couple levels, as SmynraModerate points out and as a possible conflict of interest and or an ethical one for the Meteorologists. Are they Journalists/Reporters as well as Meteorologists?

    Will every effort be made to get to the bottom of the issues? Or is this just a giant whitewash of PR disaster? If so will they say that?

    What if they find out something “Newsworthy” are the going to report it or sit on it in the name of the TaskForce?

    I have to say this Taskforce is weak sauce, and I feel no better about them solving anything in 60 or 360 days.

    • SmyrnaModerate says:

      Yes, I suppose it would be one thing if he appointed one of them (whoever has been here the longest which I guess is burns or cook) as sort of a local weather expert, but to appoint all of them seems something quite different

    • Jon Lester says:

      I would guess there’s a hard limit to what any meteorologist can do about Atlanta infrastructure or driver behavior. They’ve been telling people to be careful throughout their careers, but they obviously can’t make everyone take it to heart.

  3. Three Jack says:

    Classic! When a politician screws up, form a task force or committee to divert attention until the screwed forget they were screwed.

    If Georgia voters re-elect the raw Deal, we need to form a voter intelligence task force.

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