Tuesday Is Election Day: Runoffs in House Districts 2 and 22

Candidates in the special election for House Districts 2 and 22 are probably glad that the runoff was scheduled for this week rather than last Tuesday. After doing what they could to get voters to the polls back on January 7th, the worst day of the polar vortex, the prospect of a low turnout during a major snowstorm would have been disheartening.

In House District 2, which includes portions of Catoosa, Walker and Whitfield counties, Steve Tarvin of Chickamauga had 38% of the original vote, while Neal Florence of LaFayette had 34%. Apparently the campaigning has been nasty, forcing Congressman Tom Graves to issue a statement of neutrality on his campaign website after his picture was used on campaign materials.

In House District 22, Meagan Biello of Canton barely got by Jeff Duncan in January. With two more votes than Duncan, Biello will face Ball Ground’s Sam Moore in the runoff election. District 22 includes portions of Cherokee, Forsyth and Fulton counties.

Polls are open from 7 AM to 7 PM on Tuesday. Just over 9% of eligible voters turned out in January. Based on runoffs from past special elections, there will be even fewer voters at the polls, despite the warmer weather.


    • eddiep says:

      Every blog or article I have read on the use of Grave’s pic & name fail to identify Florence as the offending candidate. Wonder if this omission is a reflection of a desire to protect political insiders.

    • John Konop says:

      In all due respect I have an issue with Sam Moore. I am a member of the RRDA board, it has come to my attention for political purposes Moore is claiming we are in the pockets of the commissioners. He used this against Jeff Duncan also a member from what I heard in his race.

      Unlike Mr Moore, I wrote numerous articles, letters, blogs…..about this issue of not having best practices…..which i warned was putting tax payers at undue risk. I even mentioned the Bobo ryclying deal as well as others in the articles….which some were even posted on the PP.

      I have spoken numerous times with our local commissioners and legislators about the issue and all verified I have been all over this issue with them…..the person who recommended for the board was Jeff Duncan who was also outraged…

      As a board member we controll no money the commissioners do…..we have recommended creating a best practices policy that commissioners will vote on to insure we protect tax payers in the future ….btw this was not the only bad deal we have seen locally, state, federal……

      Mr. Moore we are volunteers who are paid nothing for helping out….If you have an issue about the performance of RRDA members we have open meetings to the public. Taking cheap shots not face to face, for political purposes is not right……

      • Three Jack says:

        So John, you’re basing your decision on rumors? Do you have any actual evidence or statements from Moore that substantiate what you ‘heard’?

        • John Konop says:

          I got phone calls……in a public meeting they claim it was based on a hearing in which a commissioner said they wanted people on the RRDA they could work with……something like that….I went to the town hall on this issue at the bluffs….no one was shy about the RRDA in the pockets comments….in fairness many apologized to me after I spoke…….and did not know all the history…..

          • Three Jack says:

            So the answer is…you have no firsthand statements from Moore, just rumor. This kind of goes against what you preach when a candidate you like faces scrutiny based on third party rumors. You should contact Sam.

  1. J says:

    I am not familiar with that issue, but I know him to be passionate about conservative ideals and does not compromise those. I am not in the district but I think our state could benefit from having a voice like that in the legislature. JMHO

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