• Rich says:

      The CBN logo is helpful. Handel knows her demographic. This ad does a great job of portraying her as victim and suggests a good vs. evil race. It does not reference any qualifications she may have as a U.S. Senator, other than being conservative. I enjoy how any news outlet that that doesn’t have an overtly conservative bias (Fox News) is the giant “liberal media.”

  1. Michael Silver says:

    I think she’s on the right track pushing standing up for principles in this video.

    Its a good comparison against her unprincipled competitors who are in DC pushing Amnesty down our throats, who stand up for the 2nd Amendment by voting for gun-bans, and who won’t stand and fight to stop the Debt from growing or Obama’s unconstitutional executive actions.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Except for the fact that her unprincipled competitors, except for Art Gardner, don’t support legal status for some immigrants per Saturday’s Kennesaw debate.

      GaGOP Senate candidate’s positions are largely party of no clones. Handel can point to a timely flip-flop (Fulton Co Log Cabin Republicans) and experience in damaging a respected charity (Komen) to distinguish herself however.

      Handel’s implication in disparaging Gingrey and Kingston for voting to raise the debt ceiling is that the GOP holding the country’s economy hostage is a good idea. Yeah, she’s get things done in Washington.

  2. Alternate comment:

    Nothing about her time as Chair of Fulton County, Secretary of State, almost winning campaign for Governor. If you liked Karen back then, I’ve got news for you – her story now begins years later with a major corporate screwup. Interesting approach.

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