Driver’s License In Your Cell Phone? It Could Happen Soon

If one state legislator has his way, you might soon be able to show a picture of your driver’s license stored on your cell phone to an officer at a traffic stop. Senate Bill 323, sponsored by Hunter Hill has the backing of Governor Nathan Deal.

Walter Jones of the Morris News Service has the details.

The Deal administration is backing Georgia Senate Bill 323 in response to public requests. It’s meant to be especially helpful during the wait for the Department of Driver Services to send by mail the traditional wallet version of a license, according to Sen. Hunter Hill, R-Smyrna, the sponsor of the bill.

“They are one of our best customer-service state agencies,” said Hill, who used to serve on the department’s board of directors. “They are constantly operating every day and getting feedback from their public.”

The bill appears to be tightly written to avoid the law of unintended consequences. Showing an officer a picture of your license doesn’t give him or her permission to search your phone. The picture version can’t be used as ID except by the cops, who will verify it by searching a private database not accessible to the public.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Toss a current insurance card, the car/tag data and outstandings in there or on a tag sticker too …but the smile will be when none of the systems interrelate…..and the poor cop has to spend an hour in his car, computing….

    So in this computerized world, when will they facilitate the paper work basics filled out/printed/e-mailed and get the officers off the roadsides asap ?

  2. James Fannin says:

    Also need to use cell phone picture of insurance card as proof of insurance. We use cell phone boarding passes now to get on planes and go through TSA check points. A cell phone version of your driver’s license makes sense. Hunter Hill really has some good, common sense ideas. I supported this guy and frankly I’m glad I sent him a check. This West Point grad is the Army’ s loss and Georgia’s gain.

    • MattMD says:

      Georgia has used an insurance database system for almost a decade now.

      This idea seems like a solution in search of a problem. What is do difficult about carrying the actual license?

  3. Harry says:

    The traffic cop ought to be able to print up a citation by simply keying the license number on his handheld device and print to a bluetooth printer mounted on his console. The investment would be only $2/3 hundred per car. Handwriting citations is a waste of time for the officer and the driver.

  4. NoTeabagging says:

    More Identity theft waiting to happen. Stolen phone? Now some schmuck has enough of your ID to cause major problems for you.

    Sorry, but the physical DL should be required instead of some surrogate copied on multiple devices. Worse it could be photoshopped with another photo for ID falsification

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