Sen. John Albers Issues Winter Storm Response

ATLANTA (January 30, 2014)  |  Sen. John Albers ( R – Roswell) has released the following statement in response to the winter storm that affected metro Atlanta and the surrounding areas:

“There is much to learn from the winter weather and significant opportunities to improve. However, I hope everyone takes a moment to realize how Georgians came together. Here is a small example of some ordinary people, doing extraordinary things: (statement continues below the fold)

  • A Sandy Springs police officer delivered a baby on I-285
  • School teachers and staff worked as much as 36 hours straight taking care of students
  • People with 4WD cars went back onto roads to bring people home, gas or food
  • A father walked 6 miles in the snow to his daughter’s school so she would not spend her first night away from home alone
  • Business owners opened their doors all night to provide food and shelter
  • The City of Roswell towed abandoned cars to parking lots at no charge to the owners
  • Home owners opened their homes to strangers to provide a meal and warm place to sleep
  • People brought food, sleeping bags and pillows for students to spend the night at school
  • Firefighters, Police Officers and Soldiers did what they do best – served and protected
  • Random acts of kindness were in abundance from neighbors, coworkers, friends and strangers

God is good, all of the time. The last two days were a shining example of Georgia and America.”


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