Happy to admit I was wrong

You might have noticed it snowed.

Tuesday and Wednesday were days that most Georgians will not forget for a variety of reasons.  They are memorable days for me because I saw Georgians doing what Southerners do best- opening their hearts and homes to each other.  It is my supreme pleasure to note that I cannot possibly name in this post all the folks that have helped.    There are a few notable ones that I know of like Michelle Sollicito,  Zach Haedt and Sam Tarquina, who handed out hot chocolate on I-75, or Matthew Miller who handed out hot cocoa and food near Turner Field, Senators Gooch and Ginn,  who helped stranded Atlantans while they were stranded in the Capitol city. (How’s THAT for state assistance??)  Me? I’d like to thank my pharmacist, Stephen Freeman of Walgreens, who braved the elements to fill scripts.  May seem like a small gesture to most, but for this insulin dependent diabetic, it was life saving.

If you’d like a list of businesses that offered aid to stranded motorists, please click here. Patronize these businesses, as many offered the help at a loss.

So hats off to every Georgian who helped.  You not only helped individuals, you helped all of us to remember that Georgians care.  We give, show compassion, and don’t give in, even when it is for a perfect stranger.  Hell, some of the guys I know LIVE for this stuff!  Way to go, Georgia.  You did not hesitate, you did not defer, y’all all leaned in and often went back out into the cold to continue to help.

It is said, “Ask and ye shall receive”.  I did, and Georgians have answered resoundingly.   I’ve never been so happy to admit I was wrong.

Now if I may ask one more thing of Georgians: continue this hospitality.  Not just in emergencies, but 24/7.  We are Southerners; it’s what we do.


  1. Thanks for posting this Scarlet Hawk. It was amazing to see how patient folks were as they trudged their way home, or were stuck in their cars overnight. They may have been upset and scared but they didn’t act out.

    Also the number of folks who went out of their way to help others was amazing.

    I hope all those folks laughing at us for the overall cluster that was #snowpocalypse will also see how kind and compassionate ATLiens really are.

  2. Scott65 says:

    I had two friends from northern burbs spend the night at my place…they had spent 2 hours and were close to the Buford Hwy Connector. The two I was able to get in touch with luckily had not passed it and made it to my house in 30 mins. They both got home without incident the next morning.

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