Different Parties, Different Views on How Georgia’s Government Responded to the Snowstorm

In case you hadn’t noticed, there has been a lot of political fallout from recent snowstorm. Democrats were quick to criticize the way the Deal administration dealt with the emergency. Democratic Party of Georgia Chair Dubose Porter:

“The disaster that has ensued from two inches of snow is simply unacceptable. Children sleeping in schools, trapped in school buses and generally cold and without their families is not acceptable. Families, trapped on the interstates, trapped in their cars in freezing temperatures, is not acceptable.”

“Also unacceptable is the Governor’s response. He called the storm ‘unexpected.’ There was nothing unexpected about this storm. The only thing in this situation that was unexpected is Nathan Deal’s attitude towards people stranded on our roads and in our schools. We all hoped he would be better than this. But he proved, once again, he’s not.”

One of the recurring themes I saw on social media from our friends on the left was that because the GOP had cut taxes so much, the state did not have the resources to properly deal with the storm.

Now comes Libertarian Party of Georgia Chairman Doug Craig, with a different view:

While the emergencies and inconveniences are tragic and preventable, this storm and the response showed us that we should not depend on the government to provide a plan or solution for us. It is our personal responsibility to prepare, plan, and execute solutions that are best for ourselves and our families.

With the large percentage of our paychecks devoted to taxes at various levels of government, and their promises to serve in all of the roles they wish to provide, it can very tempting to hand over the duties of our safety and comfort. Because of this dependence on the government for our emergency needs, we saw a situation where they were simply overwhelmed.

I believe this is the lesson we needed, to learn we can not simply rely on these decision-makers who seek to increase their power and reach, but rather to ensure our own decisions about our safety and security are the ones to follow.

So apparently, because we rely on government so much, the problems caused by the storm became much worse than they would have been had people simply relied on themselves during the crisis.

I’m not sure if either of these two approaches would have made the response to and aftermath of the storm any better or easier. Sure, the Georgia DOT, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, cities and counties were not perfect as they responded to the suddenly developing storm. In a press conference this afternoon, Governor Deal promised to hold a complete review of what happened in order to try to do better next time.

Governor Deal does deserve some credit, though. Instead of looking for a scapegoat, he was willing to take the bullet. “I’m not going to look for a scapegoat,” Deal said. “I’m the Governor, and the buck stops with me.” And that, despite what anyone else says, shows some real leadership.


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