Alcohol License Denied; Death Blow to the Pink Pony?

Brookhaven has taken another step in forcing the Pink Pony out of business.

The Brookhaven Post is reporting that on Monday night, the city’s Alcohol Board of Appeals sustained a decision from Finance Director Bonnie Kline to deny the club its 2014 alcohol license.

The city says the license was denied because, “The application states Teri Galardi is the license holder. But the Georgia Department of Revenue’s alcohol licensing division advises that neither Teri Galardi nor Dennis Williams [Pink Pony CFO] is the licensee, and the Department was not informed of the passing of Jack Galardi.”

But Pink Pony Attorney Aubrey Villines and CFO Dennis Williams argued the state license is valid and the city denied their application in error. “Galardi, who was the license holder for his business died, in 2012. His daughter, Terri Galardi, trustee for Jack Galardi is the new license holder, although corporate ownership for Pink Pony has not changed.”

Villines also suggested the Pink Pony was not receiving the same treatment any other business in Brookhaven would receive simply because they are engaged in a legal battle with the city.

Next steps for the city and the club could depend on how Brookhaven decides to enforce the Pink Pony’s lack of a city issued alcohol license. The Pink Pony could also appeal to the DeKalb County Superior Court.


  1. This is such a dumb fight – the Pink Pony didn’t land on Brookhaven, Brookhaven landed on the Pink Pony.

    It sends a message to other businesses too – maybe look elsewhere to open if you’re business doesn’t look like it belongs in a Saturday Evening Post drawing.

      • Scott65 says:

        That would be laughable if it wasn’t for the fact you are serious. If I know anything about most adult businesses…especially those as high profile as the PP…its that they ALWAYS have their paperwork in order. Brookhaven doesn’t just wanna step in it…they want to wallow in it. I’d say Chis has it right…

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