Chambliss Visits Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan

Last week, U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss toured Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan to meet with Guardsmen in the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team from Macon, GA.

Chambliss is vice chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and senior member of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee.

Chambliss met with military leaders to discuss the situation on the ground, but also sought out service members from Georgia. Brigade staff guided Chambliss through the camp to explain their capabilities and provided insight into the current missions overseas.

The 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, also known as the “Macon Volunteers,” is a modular infantry brigade of the Georgia Army National Guard, one of the oldest units in U.S. Army history. Col. Randall V. Simmons, Jr., the Task Force Volunteer commander, praised the 48th Brigade from Georgia as “the best combat brigade team in the Army National Guard.”

Speaking to a formation of soldiers, Chambliss said, “The other reason we are here is to look you in the eye with your boots on the ground, appreciate what a great job you are doing, how much we know you have sacrificed and your families have sacrificed, to protect America and protect Americans.”


  1. gcp says:

    If trick-knee Chambliss was so concerned about our troops he would have long ago called for an end to our involvement in Afghanistan.

    • Dr. Monica Henson says:

      Senator Chicken Hawk. Good riddance! How does one become an “expert” on the military after avoiding service when it was one’s turn?

    • bkeahl says:

      I’m past ready for Chambliss to be gone, but since he’s headed to retirement he could easily just sit back and collect his money waiting for his term to end. I’ll give him credit for visiting the troops, but I’ll still be celebrating his exit from the U.S. Senate.

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