Widespread Support For Medical Marijuana In Georgia

At first, I thought it was about the band. I mean of course Widespread would support medicinal marijuana. Especially for relief from symptoms of not being high. But it is important to note that “medicinal marijuana” is not “recreational marijuana.” While Georgia has permitted the use of marijuana for treatment of glaucoma and cancer since 1980, possession for other uses is still a no-no. Georgians are capable of understanding the difference, as the poll from Landmark/Rosetta Stone shows. 


(Atlanta)—A recent public opinion survey by Georgia-based Landmark Communications and Rosetta Stone Communications reveal that a majority of Georgia voters approve of medical marijuana. Support among Democrats and Independents is nearly 60% while support for medical cannabis among Republicans is split – 42% approve of medical marijuana and 42% oppose. (Press release continues after the jump)

“Georgia voters overwhelmingly approve of the use of medical marijuana,” said John Garst, President of Rosetta Stone Communications, “Elected officials have shown a willingness to consider this proposal and I think that bodes well for the advocates of medicinal cannabis.”

 The poll was conducted exclusively for WSB Channel 2 News on January 23rd, 2014 and was aired on Friday the 24th. This survey included responses from 750 active Georgia voters and has a margin of error of 3.5%. The survey was conducted using IVR technology and weighted for accuracy by age, gender and race.



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