Morning Reads: 27 January 2014

Legislative Day number 10 and so far there haven’t really been many stories coming out of the Capitol. Here’s what happened over the weekend.


I’m not sure “Republicans Struggle” is the best headline, but it’s not a bad (but biased) summary of the Georgia Senate race.
A congressional candidate in GA-10 with a plan.
Augusta is looking forward to large growth with the relocation of Cyber Command to Fort Gordon.
The PSC is looking for two more employees to look after Plant Vogtle.
School employees may not be getting unemployment benefits during school breaks? Makes sense to me.


A farm bill to come to vote? It would be nice to steer away from the continuing resolutions.
Rand Paul, Bill Clinton, and the War on Women.
The debate about end of life issues is still raging.
Baby steps towards a solution in Syria.
Things are getting worse in the Ukraine.

Everything Else

Pot at the pot luck?
Nadal losses the Australian Open.
Mitt Romney slow jamming the news?
Don’t be dumb, vaccinate your kids.


    • Harry says:

      Here’s what “Shura” wrote on another blog:
      Ukraine is an artificial state. There had been several Ukraines in Russia in middle ages, is is actually translated as “Land near border”, but what is called Ukraine now just 100 years ago was called Malo-Russia (Little Russia) – the Central part of it. What is now Western Ukraine was partly Polish partly Romanian, partly Austro-Hungarian. What is now Eastern and Southern Ukraine was Novo-Rossia (New Russia) and was mostly ethnically Russian.
      Just communists after Bolshevik revolution excluded these parts of Russia from mainland and called it Ukrainian Soviet republic. Then Stalin added some parts to it in the West after WWII. Then Khrushev presented Russian Crimea – rhe move which had never been ratified by the Soviet parliament by the way.
      So no wonder the country is split, it is artificial, Ukraine has never existed in History.

      And this

  1. saltycracker says:

    Milk is over $4 gallon with govt buying but would go to $8 if they didn’t (or used an old law) ?
    Milk being higher than gas proves that cows are more endangered than dinosaurs ?
    Legislative messing ?

    • Will Durant says:

      Actually the gasoline would be even cheaper if that same farm bill didn’t include a requirement to use 15 billion gallons of ethanol in the mix to help prop up corn prices.

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