How Much Does a Blink Cost?

If you’ve been under a rock the last few weeks you wouldn’t know that statewide, teachers (including retired teachers and other state employees) were quite unhappy with the new health plan jammed down their throats offered them for 2014. So unhappy in fact, that as a loud and angry substantial voting block in an election year, they weren’t willing to take the usual excuses (Blame Obama. Blame Bush. Blame the cat.) sitting down.

Governor Nathan Deal announced that “changes” (read them here) were being approved today. Funding for these changes will come from the insurance plan’s reserve fund.

The $100 million dollar blink. Only time will tell if it remains a thorn in the Governor’s side come November.


  1. Rambler14 says:

    It’s amazing how quick he was to appease this voting block.

    If only he could respond as quickly to the fact that our state is 49th per capita in transportation funding?

  2. Ellynn says:

    Keep in mind, those other state employees includes every one under the dome, in the Floyd towers, ect… The Government has been GOP controled for over 10 years now. Anyone appointed to a state job or is on the staff of a GOP appointed or elected office hold is not happy. I know at least one assistant to an appointed state level job gave her boss grief about the plan.

      • Napoleon says:

        There aren’t. I should have qualified it better. That’s how many people are covered by the plan so that includes employees (or retirees), their children, and their spouses, but that means about 15% of all Georgians get their healthcare from the State Employees Health Benefit Plan (including, for the sake of disclosure, yours truly).

  3. taylor says:

    Since the higher costs were first attributed to Obama, does this mean Obama allowed DCH to lower the costs to the insured?

  4. saltycracker says:

    Pulling funds from a reserve is usually smoke and mirrors. Like the unemployment funds that are now a huge debt to the Feds. It is justified by predicting extraordinary future contributions and returns on the reserves left. It is a dishonest short term solution – recall the state medical obligations are grossly underfunded and is part of the pension/benefit mess in $100 of $115 BILLION state debt. This kind of leadership passes a hot potato to a future leader.

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