The Peach Pundit Daily – Why You Should Subscribe

On Wednesday, subscribers to the Peach Pundit Daily read this about State employees’ insurance coverage:

Free Political Advice To Governor Deal: Restore the previous insurance benefits to all the teachers and state employees who are currently totally hacked off at you -except for any abortion coverage. Everybody will be “happy, happy happy.”

And yesterday, Greg Bluestein reported the Governor said this in the AJC: “…we’ll have an announcement very soon about some proposed changes to the state health benefit plan that we think will address some of the concerns that teachers and state employees have experienced.” 

Coincidence? Well, it would be very presumptuous of us to believe that Governor Deal reads the Peach Pundit Daily every weekday. (Every. Single. Word.) And we are in no way implying that the Governor of our State pays any attention to free political advice in a free email newsletter from a bunch of bloggers. (Rapt. Fascinated. Captivated. Riveted. Mesmerized.) But on the other hand, it’s free, and maybe Governor Deal reads it. Why shouldn’t you?

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    • xdog says:

      It’s election year. So the nod to rural hospitals, money for education, no abortion bill, no guns on campus.

  1. Jackster says:

    By that logic, I should listen to Better Georgia, because they asked us to call Sharon Cooper, and low and behold, she reversed course.

    So are we then saying the PeachPundit Daily has as much clout as the BG folk?

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