“I’m the (Insert Modifier) Conservative in the Race”

NPR’s David Welna made a trip to Georgia to do a story on our Senate race for today’s “Morning Edition.”

His story focuses on the GOP primary and there’s nothing really new in it for Georgia politicos.

However, what is interesting is listening to the audio of the recent debate and the Republicans sound like they’re playing Mad Libs with their comments, and they only have four or five different responses they can use.

“I’m the only true conservative in the race,” I’m the only tested conservative in the race,” “I’m the only one with a true conservative record” etc. The repetitiveness and thoroughly unoriginal nature of the GOP field is laughable.


  1. xdog says:

    ‘The repetitiveness and thoroughly unoriginal nature of the GOP field is laughable.’

    You can say that again. I’d be tempted to say the candidates are offering simple themes for simple people if it wasn’t so clear the problem goes all the way to the top, or whatever range was represented by the goper presidential debates.

    “I wouldn’t raise taxes even if the payoff in revenues is double.”

    “I wouldn’t raise taxes even if the payoff was a cure for cancer and free gasoline.”

    “I wouldn’t raise taxes even if it brought Ronnie Reagan back from the dead.”

      • xdog says:

        I don’t know if there is one. I think donks would agree that the state must be pre-eminent in economic matters, although there’s no consensus as to what that means. They’re foursquare behind civil rights laws. Probably they’d all agree on JFK and the glories of Camelot, FDR and the necessity of direct assistance to needy citizens.

        There are more donks than gopers and more blocs in the party. Right or wrong, they aren’t a party of doctrinal certainty and litmus tests to the extent that virtually every candidate is indistinguishable.

      • saltycracker says:

        You can keep your insurance if you want to
        This will be the most transparent administration ever
        I can/will work across the aisle
        Add 100 more and insert the word fair

      • seenbetrdayz says:

        “I’ll give you free ______ if you vote for me.” “I’ll give you free ______ if you vote for me.” “I’ll give you free ______ if you vote for me.”

        • Scott65 says:

          …and you wont have to pay any taxes if your business comes here (but dont worry…they waste a lot of money in education…we can take it from them)
          …and if you make a lot of money…you’re a “job creator” so you shouldn’t pay taxes either.
          …and while we are at it…we will give you a wreck the environment and get out of jail free card as well.
          Wait…thats the elephant stuff…not the donkey.

  2. caroline says:

    Well, this is why a friend of mine left the GOP about 18 months ago. She said they all come out with “I’m the most conservative” or “I’m a Ronald Reagan conservative” or some other variation of that theme. She said she would pick one and vote for him not really knowing what he stood for and then she would later find out AFTER he was in office and decided if the GOP can’t do better than just everybody vaguely stating how conservative they are without stating what that means she just could not vote for any of them anymore.

    • saltycracker says:

      Not a big fan of the GOP’ s interpretations but going from conservative to fair for the greater good is a rejection of the individual.

      • caroline says:

        Well, that’s not how she saw it and the GOP is all for the “greater good” on a lot of issues especially social ones.

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