Georgia is #9

… in using federal dollars as a percentage of state general revenue. That’s according to the Tax Foundation. In fiscal year 2011, 41.1% of the state’s budget was made up of federal money. The chart below, which you can click to enlarge, has the information for all the states.

Federal aid as a percentage of state general revenue

Mississippi is #1, with 49% of its revenue coming from the feds, followed by Louisiana, with 46.5%. Alaska, with 24% of revenues being federal and Delaware, with 25.9% bring up the rear.

Two things to consider: FY 2011 was in the middle of the recession, so these numbers may not reflect what we will see in the 2015 budget. And, state spending does not fully reflect the federal impact on the Peach State. We have many military installations powered by federal money. When you add in other items, such as welfare programs, federal prisons and farm subsidies, you begin to see how much of Georgia’s economy is influenced by Washington.


  1. Georgia’s higher rank in percentage of federal spending is also a mathematical outcome from the fact that we spend at a low level per capita. We rank #47 in per capita spending by the same We spend less state money and with that, the federal money that flows to the 10th largest state would become a larger percentage overall.

    • cj says:

      Exactly. Georgia is around 41st in per capita federal revenues received by state and local governments (in 2010). The relatively large share of federal spending relative to state spending is an artifact of very low state and local spending (48th lowest in 2010 on a per capita basis).

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    To cj’s point, the graphic isn’t very useful.

    ND and SD show what a little oil money will do. The each receive about the same federal revenue per capita, (ND a few hundred more and is a little higher in the rankings at 7 than SD at 11), yet they’re at opposite ends of the spectrum.

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