Proposal To Change GOP’s Presidential Nomination Timetable

Georgia Republican National Committeeman Randy Evans sent out a letter to his fellow RNC members regarding a proposed change to the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination timeline. The proposal is to shorten the lead time of the state Republican presidential preference primaries and the Republican National Convention. His premise is pretty simple: we know who wins a couple of months before the convention; let’s unite and defend our Party’s standard bearer:

Why Change The Rules?
This question is almost like asking Mrs. Lincoln “how was the play?” We have lost and there is a strong consensus that some part of the problem is our nomination process.

By delaying our convention, Democrats can beat our nominee’s brains out from late June until August.
By stringing the process out, our candidates inflict irreparable injury on each other, making it extremely difficult, if not almost impossible, to win in November. The media has created a term – “presumptive nominee” – which really means the media knows who has won but they can attack our candidate and divide the party until the nomination is official. And, by delaying the final nomination until August, we deny for weeks our nominee much needed resources to compete because of the way the federal election laws work.

There are no good reasons to continue to do stupid things. And so, as we move to make our rules better and enforce smart changes to help us win, we need strict, harsh penalties to assure compliance.

That’s pretty much the kernel of the argument. Feel free to read the letter in its entirety and discuss in the comments below.

H/T to the Political Insider over at the AJC


  1. xdog says:

    Evans can’t decide which is worse, goper losers or the media. Since he already has half the media in hand at least, maybe he should do what he can to upgrade the quality of candidates and their offerings.

    Does he specify anywhere what ‘strict, harsh penalties to assure compliance’ the party is considering?

    • Nathan says:

      Probably similar penalties that were in effect during the 2012 presidential cycle for states who held primaries before certain states (e.g., reduction of that state’s delegation to the national convention).

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