GA-11: Same viciousness with a general?

This past weekend, the AJC (and later in our Daily) Bluestein reported about the shenanigans in GA-11 where Ed Lindsey’s congressional campaign was supposedly sending emails to the Loudermilk campaign in an effort to pin a story of unscrupulous tax dollar use on Barry…and was seeking to have confirmation in writing.

Here’s an excerpt from that story:

Just as surprising was the Lindsey campaign’s willingness to come clean about its foiled plot — and then double down by criticizing Loudermilk for responding to the phony email by asking for more details.

Here’s how it all unfolded. Loudermilk, a former state senator and ex-Air Force specialist from Cassville, had been taking heat for a video featuring the candidate and his three children called “It’s My Constitution” that was paid for by the Georgia Department of Education….
…When Loudermilk asked for more information about how the video would be used, he got a response asking for a “sense of pricing you might use” to sell the recording. He didn’t respond but also didn’t think much of it — until reporters started calling him asking about the copyright.

That’s when he dug up the emails from the depths of his inbox and sent them over to his aides. They tracked the emailer’s IP address to an account linked to Lindsey’s campaign manager, Tom Krause. Soon, the outrage machine was cranking.

If you know much (or nothing) about GA-11, it’s really red. Like really really red. And will stay red regardless of what comes out of the primary so for the people in the district, what happens on May 20th is it. But does that mean we should continue to bludgeon and eat our own through the primary process until literally every supporter of each candidate wants the blood of every other person actively participating? We’re 99 days away from early voting. The Lindsey camp is the only camp to charge hard at every opponent with hit pieces, nasty emails and now the elusive and sneaky emails. Effective or ineffective, good or bad….they have put themselves in quite the little box. Legitimately asking here: Is this a good box?


  1. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    The funniest part of that article was the Lindsey campaign trying to spin it that Loudermilk was bad because he emailed them back asking for more information. Really, Mr. Lindsey? As an attorney, you wouldn’t try and get more information from a fishy email just to see if you could figure out what was going on? And the AJC said that the emails proved Loudermilk wasn’t selling the video.

    Oh, and my favorite line in the article: “If you’re going to launch a blundering, unethical attack, make sure you don’t try to conjure up evidence — especially if you are attacking a veteran who worked in intelligence and whose son is an investigator,” McLagan said.

    Seems to me like the conduct of the Lindsey campaign in this episode illustrates absolutely everything voters hate about most people in Congress…the stuff that leads to approval ratings in the single digits.

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