All the Morning Reads You’ll Ever Want

Despite Mother Nature conspiring to keep me down, that’s not enough to make these Morning Reads anything other than excellent.

Broadcast “Before We Begin”.


  1. drjay says:

    if i can find the article i might post it here, but unlike ga where we bulldoze the tents of the homeless, utah is eliminating homelessness by giving them homes…they get an apt and are assigned a social worker to help them find work and get cleaned up and such..the number crunchers found it to be more economical than the cost of enforcing vagrancy laws and the money spent on homelessness related healthcare and the like…just a thought…

  2. xdog says:

    UPS shouldn’t worry. Their business is booming, so much so they had to hire 30K more temps than expected. They’ll book the costs and move on.

    They certainly work hard enough. They deliver into the night in my area and I saw them dropping packages on MLK day.

          • xdog says:

            Names have gone to hell. In this world names either require arbitrary punctuation and phonetic spelling or sound like a personal care product.

            My gms were named Velora and Francesca.

            • Ellynn says:

              Looking at some of and my grandfathers sisters, cousins and great aunts…Alagunda Gertrude Teckla, Euphrosine Friedrickialind, Petronella Wendelina Theresia, Rosalie Magdelena Venetta , Iguenia Lucutina, and my persomal favorate Remigus Tieney Hilaria – (these are first and middle names) they may have wished they had the options of punctuation and phonetic spelling.

              • xdog says:

                Those are some great Latin and Greek names. I hope your family is keeping the tradition alive.

                Mrs. xdog has me watching the Australian Open, players named Flavia, Dominika, Simona, Agnieska, Aravane. Play on ladies!

                • Ellynn says:

                  Most of these are German. The ones still in use in our family are Rosalie (Rose-Ollie), Tieny, and Iguenia. Iguenia. I don’t even know how to say Alagunda. We called her Trudi.

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