DeKalb Democrat Senators Claim To Be Entire Delegation

From the press release: “Georgia’s Senate DeKalb delegation welcomed today’s announcement that the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) has lifted the accreditation probation of the DeKalb County Schools.” The release goes on to take a few pot-shots at Governor Deal and included this quote from State Senator Jason Carter, D-Briarcliff:

I would like to commend my good friend Michael Thurmond, who in concert with the members of DeKalb County School Board, has captained this ship. Today’s decision by SACS is a victory for the students of DeKalb County, their families and our entire system. The political situation that we were confronted with last year was a complicated one, and I was glad that DeKalb County was able to our politics aside [sic] and come together to work in the best interests of our children and families,” Carter said.

Yay, we’re all the way up to “accreditation warned” and subject to biannual oversight for only a few more years. But did the DeKalb Senate Democrats have anything to do with it? State Sen. Fran Millar, R-Dunwoody, said in an email (and in his own unique way) they did not:

“If Nathan Deal hadn’t made the decision to remove the Board, we still would be on probation. Also, there were only six out of twenty three DeKalb delegation members that stood with the Governor when he took this step. Neither Senator Carter or Henson were front and center and I believe the gubernatorial candidate was lurking in the shadows. Also, congratulations to Superintendent Thurmond and the new Board for steering DeKalb in a positive direction. By the way the delegation did not issue the statement – it was Democratic politics at its worst.”

This is election year politics and posturing, and it’s probably going to get worse than this.

UPDATE: If you doubt Sen. Millar, here’s a picture. It’s kind of blurry, but there’s only one Senator from DeKalb in it.


  1. Just Nasty and Mean says:

    It is the epitome of petty politics to have DeKalb State Senator Jason Carter to issue a statement on the DeKalb schools improvements since the replacement by the Governor.

    Clearly, Carter wasn’t interested in taking the political risk to become involved in fixing the DeKalb schools, clearly not willing to propose bold moves to remedy a horrific situation for the kids of DeKalb Co, and clearly not willing to side with the governor on what has proven to be the right move.

    If Carter cannot be counted on to do the right thing for his backyard constituents of DeKalb County, how in heck can he be seen as having the backbone to “do the right thing” for the state of Georgia?

    Sorry Jason Carter. Clearly, this proves you just do not have “the right stuff” to be governor.
    (See Iran Hostage Situation, economic malaise, and 21% interest rates and his granddaddy.
    …..Cut from the same cloth).

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