Morning Reads: 20 January 2014

Today is MLK day and tomorrow will be Legislative Day 6 for the Georgia General Assembly. Here’s what happened over the weekend.


In the spirit of MLK, there are lots of opportunities to volunteer and help your community his week, here are just a few in the Athens area, here’s some for Atlanta.
Education‘s going to be a big deal this session, we’ve already seen an extra $500 million in the governor’s budget.
It may not be a statue yet, but it’s something for MLK.
Infrastructure still lacking in Georgia.
The Cobb County School Board has all sorts of decisions it needs to make.


The New Jersey bridge saga continues.
New audio of MLK on President Kennedy.
SCOTUS to hear case that could have large implications for unions.
If only there could be consistency in diplomacy.
Possibly security threats to the Sochi Olympics.

Everything Else

Seahawks and Broncos to face off in the Super Bowl.
Brilliant idea, I hope it works.


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