The Secretary of State Would Like You to Know

that he will be updating his website to reflect current information. Maybe.

Statement From Secretary Kemp On The Passage Of HB 310
Atlanta – Just moments ago, the House of Representative passed House Bill 310 out of the Chamber by an overwhelming majority. The bill will now go to Governor Nathan Deal for his signature. I want to thank House and Senate leaders for passing this important piece of legislation the first week of the legislative session. Governor Deal and members of the General Assembly showed tremendous leadership in ensuring that Georgia voters will continue to have a uniform voting calendar rather than two separate calendars for federal and state elections. This would have been a tremendous fiscal cost to the counties and incredibly confusing for Georgia voters. As Georgia’s Chief Elections Officer, I will continue to work each day to make sure Georgia has a secure, accessible and fair elections process.

That is exciting news! No need to wait for the Governor’s signature, go ahead let the html roll!


  1. South Fulton Guy says:

    Lets hope the upcoming and imminent candidate qualifying at the capital goes much smoother than before – without all the systems issues and drama the Secretary of State’s website had last time.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    We elect too many officers in this state. The vast majority of the people in this state do not give one lick about what the SoS does and thus he will win on name recognition alone. Thus, we get stuck with people who have no accountability, who simply use the title as a launching pad for higher office.

    The sad thing is that the few people who seriously depend on a competent job in that position suffer at the hands of the inept.

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