Ashley Bell for State School Superintendent? #RandPaul

January 13, 2014 14:14 pm

by Jessica S. · 9 comments


As part of an unprecedented coalition-building exercise over education policy, Former Hall County Commissioner and possible state school superintendent contender Ashley Bell hosted a group of Georgia dignitaries and Senator Rand Paul in Atlanta today. Constitutional conservative and AIPAC National Board Member Bell explained the goal of the meeting to be simple: bring various movers and shakers in the statewide educational community together to talk with Senator Paul about why conservative educational policies are the ones that work. More specifically, have that open line of communication, ask the tough questions and actually work through possible solutions as a group of individuals who all have different perspectives on education policies.

I had an opportunity to speak with Bell before the meeting. He pointed out that most will acknowledge the status quo is getting Georgians nowhere. More importantly, Bell emphasized the need for community in local control and bridging the gap between home and school. His nonprofit, Generation Inspiration, injects elements of self-reliance and fiscal responsibility in an effort to infiltrate communities where schools fall short. After the meeting, Bell said, “I am genuinely excited that Senator Paul took the time to come down to Georgia to talk about the correlation between education and jobs. I was humbled to stand with another Constitutional conservative to make the case to leaders in education and business that competition and choice is the key to success.”

I asked Senator Paul why he was interested in doing these meetings on such a small scale and with a select group of individuals. He said, “This message isn’t new. We aren’t saying anything from left field. We’re just working with different people to show them why this will work so our message will resonate and I’m really hopeful about it”. Senator Paul also emphasized the importance of the diverse group of people Ashley Bell brought together. “The business elite, the community activist AND those hands on are the keys to making our policies work,” he said.

So it seems Senator Paul likes the track Ashley Bell is on…The open-door, broad horizon, common-man conservative state school superintendent?

Charlie Harper (@IcarusPundit) January 13, 2014 at 2:22 pm

Ashley Bell for State School Superintendent? #RandPaul — Peach Pundit #gapol #gagop #gadems #tcot #p2 #schools

David Staples January 13, 2014 at 2:55 pm

Looking at the picture, I guess one could say that Rand Paul looks up to Ashley Bell? ;-)

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From @peachpundit Ashley Bell for State School Superintendent? #RandPaul

@chelsiphenry January 13, 2014 at 3:49 pm

All the best to my friend, @ashleybellR on his upcoming race!!

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Ashley Bell for State School Superintendent? #RandPaul — Peach Pundit

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It’s great having an awesome boss! #proudofhim @AshleyBellR

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Nice flacking.

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