A Full Day Of Fun Ahead

Welcome to your Christmas Eve, Georgia political junkies.  Tomorrow, we “welcome” the Georgia Legislature back to Atlanta.  As Dick Williams will always kindly remind us, there is still time to hide your women and children.

If you’re having difficulty in waiting until tomorrow, there are a few events today that will help you bide your time.

First, there’s a new radio show premiering today, Real Talk With Rashad Richie. 

It’s on 1-4pm on WAOK.  I’ll be one of the panelists.  One. Perhaps a lonely one.

That’s 1380 on your AM dial, or you can listen live here.

Then, of course, you have the annual Wild Hog Supper at the Depot.  It’s an annual tradition and a great chance to meet with just about dang near everybody who has a part in this wonderful extravaganza we call state government.

Finally, There’s the Peach Pundit Wild Hog Road Show.  It’s our Wild Hog Supper after-party.  We’re going to talk about you whether you show up or not, so you may as well hear it first hand.  Details here.  We look forward to seeing some of you.  Others, not so much.


  1. Rich says:

    Interesting radio panel and discussion between the advertising. I concede that Charlie is well informed and should probably run for office. Only was once did he really allow his color show, attempting to resurrect Benghazi into the forum.

    (PS/I worked through high school at a radio station playing ads during Braves, remotes, countdowns and such. I wouldn’t have lasted long with that much dead air between the programming.)

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