AJC Releases Pre-Legislative Session Poll

Just prior to the opening of the 40 day legislative session on Monday, the AJC released the results of its statewide poll. While the featured story focuses on the high profile governor and senate races–Deal leads Carter and there’s no clear leader in the senate race–the poll also asked registered voters detailed questions about issues likely to come up during the session, and about their opinion of Georgia’s economy.

The AJC has a neat interactive widget that lets you look at the many of the results by subgroup. And for the real geeks among us, you can also download the raw results.

It looks to me like the Democrats might have been a bit overweighted in the poll. And since when is Gwinnett County considered to be the Atlanta Exburbs, while Douglas County is considered to be in the Atlanta Metro?

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  1. Harry says:

    The AJC has an online poll: “Do you favor or oppose a law allowing students to carry guns on college campuses and in college dorms?”. It would be nice to get the opinion of AJC’s readers on what the legislation actually proposes.

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