Morning Reads for Friday, January 10, 2014

Don’t forget the Peach Pundit Road Show at Gorden Biersch, immediately following Sunday’s Wild Hog Supper!

– The Legislature hopes for a speedy session, but that may snag up some new city wannabees.
– Awesome news: Rep. Sanford Bishop is cancer free.
– Our fearless leader becomes famouser, and famouser..
– The spiffy dressers of the Peach Punditeers don’t need this kind of advice. Others, yes, you do.
– Regents looking at health care costs.
– Gov. Nathan Deal reports good revenue numbers for December.
– GA1 GOP women hosted a candidate forum on Wednesday.

– If California splits into six states, where would The Hotel be?
– But I do like my light bulbs. I do, I do, I do, I do like my light bulbs.
– Hitchcock’s long forgotten Holocaust documentary to finally be screened as he intended.
– Well, this is no surprise. Some even say it’s ‘classic.’
Priorities. Or something.

Random Everywherez:
Sex-eee baby!
Hope you don’t drive a Ford. Just kidding. Ahem. At least AT&T hopes to keep you entertained while you’re being, um, monitored.
– Who is moving where.
– Really, really… she’s a fangirl.
Cool space stuff.
The power of words.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Ford: what’s the electronic shock ? Devices today are two way streets. Businesses, like trucking, have long improved efficiency and costs by knowing a lot about their equipment, drivers and customers goods. Should police monitor social networks or mail you a ticket for running a red light or speeding? Should the company car track your route and speed ? Should we track our kids whereabouts via cell ?

    A chicken and a go pro in every pot.
    We have a lot to sort out as privacy shrinks.

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