Kingston and His Own “Free Lunches”

Following his comments in December regarding the National School Lunch Program, Congressman Kingston is once again on the chopping block. The video, which you can see here, slams Kingston for expensing almost $4,200 in “business lunches” over the last 3 years, taking “official trips” to 4 continents and claiming per diem allowances exceeding $24,000… all funded by taxpayers. In the video, he justifies the expenses with his 60-70 hour work weeks.

The video also attacks him for spending over $145,000 on food and drinks for campaign events, $26k of which was just for the “Washington elite”.

Many wouldn’t bat an eye when Don Balfour a Congressman (on Appropriations) does these things, but those who live in giant taxpayer-funded glass office shouldn’t cast the first stone, especially about “free stuff”.


  1. gcp says:

    Are we supposed to be surprised about Kingston’s spending? He is a career politician. What do you expect? And remember, if you like Chambliss you will love Kingston.

  2. TheEiger says:

    This just shows how dumb and out of touch Kingston’s campaign is. He is running for higher office and he gave an interview about his comments on making kids sweep the floors before their free lunch at an expensive country club. He should fire his communications folks. Amateur hour.

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