Florence Gains Support of Former Rival

Up in House District 2 there’s a runoff campaign in full swing between Steve Tarvin and Neal Florence to replace the seat vacated by Jay Neal.

The news is that former rival Doug Woodruff has endorsed Neal Florence. Here’s the full press release.

Doug Woodruff Stands with Neal Florence
Runoff Election February 4th

LaFayette, GA., January 10, 2014 – While Doug Woodruff narrowly missed making the runoff in Tuesday’s election, he is firmly committed to seeing good representation for House District 2. Woodruff received 27.5% of the vote on Tuesday in the three way race.

Today Doug Woodruff announced his endorsement of Neal Florence in the February 4th runoff with the following statement: “I am proud to lend my full support to Neal Florence. Neal and I share a commitment to putting the people first and believe in servant leadership. I ask you to join me in voting for Neal Florence in the runoff on the February 4th.”

Woodruff’s announcement followed the creation of a Facebook page that inaccurately gave the impression that he was endorsing the other candidate in this race (see attachment for a screen shot of the misleading Facebook invite).

“While some in this race would try to fool the voters with fancy Facebook pages and failing to disclose their campaign loans in accordance with state law, I believe in shooting straight. I’m proud to receive the endorsement of Doug Woodruff and I’m proud to say the voters could see exactly where my money came from and how we spent it” said Neal Florence. “As I said Tuesday night once the results were in, I want to congratulate Doug Woodruff for running a great campaign. He and I share a commitment to serving the people of this district and I hope to see Doug on the ballot again in the near future.”

H. Neal Florence was born in Cedartown, Georgia in 1951. He graduated from The McCallie School in Chattanooga, TN in 1969. In 1973, Neal earned a B.S. degree in Chemistry, and in 1976, a B.S degree in Pharmacy from the University of Georgia. He worked for Rhyne Brothers Pharmacy from 1976 till 1979 when he purchased Regal Pharmacy and started Medi Thrift Pharmacy which he operates with his wife, Carolyn, who is also a Pharmacist. The Florences have two sons, Dr. Mason Florence and Dr. Kevin Florence. Mason and his wife, Rachel M, have two children, Samuel and Caroline, and Kevin and wife, Rachel H, have one son, Luke. They all reside in Athens, GA.


  1. Joshua Morris says:

    I don’t live in the district, and I have never met Neal Florence. I have, however, spent some time around Steve Tarvin, and I would trust him with the People’s business. His straightforward, open style may turn some people off, but he’s real. What you see is what you get. I hope Steve wins.

  2. sethweathers says:


    Neal Florence makes accusation of wrongdoing; is caught in seven direct violations of his own allegation.

    Neal Florence makes accusations of wrong doing by Steve Tarvin and is caught in direct violation of the very impropriety of his accusations. According to the Georgia State Ethics Commission, Florence currently owes $875 in outstanding late fines.

    DISTRICT 2 (January 11, 2014) – Within hours of the final results from the Special Election on January 7th, candidate Neal Florence ignored the opportunity to focus on the issues that affect the people of this district. He immediately engaged in political mud-slinging and innuendo through a press release issued by his campaign.

    Florence claimed that Tarvin was in violation of the law and stated, “With the ethical problems we have seen from some of our elected leaders, it is extremely disappointing to have a candidate for State House refuse to show where his money came from and how he spent it.” The statement was in reference to Tarvin’s campaign being 5 days late filing his financial disclosure. This was an unintentional error due to confusion of the filing deadline for a Special Election. After filing the disclosure and realizing the mistake, Tarvin immediately paid the $125 late fee associated with the error.

    “Everyone makes mistakes and we acknowledge ours,” said Tarvin. He went on to say, “We did not expect such a sharp rebuke from Neal Florence due to his record of habitually filing late; and in some cases, not filing at all with the Georgia State Ethics Commission.”

    As of 8:30PM on January 10th, Neal Florence currently owes $875 in unpaid fines for non-filed or late-filed campaign disclosures. According to public information available on the official website at http://www.ethics.ga.gov, Neal Florence has failed to file four financial disclosures that are more than twelve-months overdue. He also has unpaid fines for two disclosures that were filed six-months late and an additional fine for a financial disclosure that was three-months late. In total, Neal Florence has seven unpaid fines with the Georgia State Ethics Commission.

    Career politicians such as Neal Florence have become so accustom to playing the “political game,” they no longer see the hypocrisy of making accusations of impropriety, while being an egregious offender with seven unpaid fines.

    In a further show of grand political theater, Florence also expressed concern for where Tarvin’s campaign contributions came from, yet this information was publicly available at the time of his press release. Mr. Tarvin is so passionate in his desire to fix the mess at the Capitol in Atlanta; he financed much of his campaign with his own money and from various campaign contributions from local residents, which can be seen through his publicly available campaign disclosures.

    On the other hand, in another bold display of hypocrisy, career politician Neal Florence revealed in a campaign finance report that much of his campaign contributions were received from Atlanta lobbyists, PAC’s, lawyers and contributors far outside this district and even out of state.

    “I am truly saddened that political games like this are played,” said Tarvin. “This isn’t Washington DC or Atlanta; this is our home, where our children and grandchildren go to school together, where we worship together and where we work each day trying to make this a better place to live.” He went on to say, “We are all neighbors and as such, we should treat each other with respect and honesty. Cheap political shots in a campaign to decide who will represent the people of this district are disappointing and frankly, it’s beneath the voters of this district. I pledge to always shoot straight with you and I ask my opponent to do the same.”

    Join Steve in putting the political theater aside and focus on the issues that are important to the voters of this district.

    For those interested to learn more about Steve Tarvin and his campaign, please visit http://www.stevetarvin.com or http://www.facebook.com/votetarvin

    Steve and Jennifer, his wife of 44 years, reside in Chickamauga, Georgia. They are the proud parents of two children and five grandchildren. They are members of Oakwood Baptist Church.

    Contact Information:
    Steve Tarvin
    (423) 605-7328
    [email protected]


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