DOL Commissioner Butler Introduces SIDES

In the following video, Labor Commissioner Mark Butler announces the release of SIDES, a new electronic interface for businesses dealing with unemployment claims.

If he can launch this without scrambling data, opening the ACH system up to fraud, or having it only consist of a full page picture of himself on a landing page, then maybe we need to start talking about him as a front runner for Governor instead of…others.


  1. Toxic Avenger says:

    Problem with Mark Butler is that literally nobody knows who he is. Behind the Ag Commissioner, I’d probably say he’s a near complete unknown to the electorate.

  2. Rick Day says:

    Only one time did we have to go to an appeal hearing on a ‘for cause’ case. 99% of the time we just did our “write ups” and final Separation Notice correctly, and at most, a mere follow up request for details was all it took.

    I’d speculate those employers who dispose of workers, rather than retaining and training who they hire, should pay more in taxes based on claim load, as it is now. This is not saving business money as it is a tool for a HR clerk to process labor related paperwork.

  3. Bill Arp says:

    What does the labor commissioner really do. This guy us a joke. I cannot tell you what he does but walk around with that trashy blonde.

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