Morning Reads — Thursday, January 9, 2014

“Give me Liberty or give me death.” On this day in 1776, Thomas Paine published Common Sense.
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  1. xdog says:

    A weird but minor detail: Paine thought each colony should have the same number of reps. Then one colony would be selected by lot and the president selected from that colony’s caucus.

    Paine’s great contribution was to make the average colonist part of the political discussion. He ended up pissing off a lot of people. He was a hell of a radical.

    • Ellynn says:

      He also felt the federal government should pay every one a yearly wage. I believe he was also an athiest.

      • xdog says:

        Yeah, although he would probably have said ‘deist’. He sure didn’t have much use for established religion. He also managed to make enemies of George Washington, Edmund Burke and Robespierre. That took a special man.

  2. Rich says:

    Nice to see intrastate rail talked about again. While dreaming, consider a line between Atlanta and Savannah. That stretch of road (I-16) is interminable beyond Macon. “Mister, we could use a man like Dwight Eisenhower again.”

    • Raleigh says:

      Interesting that the Consultant HNTB Corp who was paid $350,000 for this study has this on their WEB site. “For almost 100 years, HNTB Corporation has helped plan, maintain and expand America’s infrastructure. From Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise and California’s new high …”

      Beside that small conflict of interest concern a one way ticket for $33.50? Then you have to rent a car or hire a taxi to reach your final destination. I wonder how many riders the ticket price estimate is based on supporting per year? 100,000, a Million, more? Realistically will 100,000 people have a need to go to Columbus in a year’s time? 1.3 Billion Vs $33.50 a head one way sounds more like political fuzzy math to me. Now the larger question, what former politician(s) is/are on the payroll of HNTB Co.? AND, how many more “Transportation studies” will the taxpayer have to fund this year? 350K would pay for over 10000 tickets on this proposed train.

      The cheapest alternative would be to talk Megabus into supporting the route.

      • Ellynn says:

        Lots of people based at nearby Benning. Never underestimate what a single soilder with a free weekend would spend to get to Atlanta without having to worry over a DUI…

        • Raleigh says:

          I can believe 6 or 7 pilling into a car for a road trip. Somehow a single soldier spending 67.00 round trip and taxi fare(s) to go bar hopping in Atlanta on what they are paid sounds just a little out of their budget. Much like a 33.50 fare for a rail service that will cost an estimated 1.3 billion to build without figuring in 20 years of cost overruns. I know, I know, cost over runs NEVER EVER happen on public projects………..

          • Ellynn says:

            I’ve seen one highly drunk soldier take a cab from Savannah to Hinesville at 2:30 AM for over $150 to make a 5:00 rollcall. I watched a guy run over the Savannah River bridge to get to Paris Island on a Satarday night. I’m not saying this is the norm, but after dating a few rangers in college and almost marrying a navy officer, I stand by my statement.

            Plus interstates where set up to move large numbers of military personal. Look at the national map of possible high speed lines. Almost every one connects a military base to major city or airport.

            • mpierce says:

              Groome picks up and drops off at 14 locations on Fort Benning. Groome has 36 trips daily. I’m guessing rail would have far fewer. I would think the shuttle would be the more convenient option.

              Does it make sense to spend $1.3 Billion dollars (cheapest option) so people can save $5 round trip? The cheapest option “was not projected to attract enough business to cover its operating and maintenance costs once up and running.”

              • Ellynn says:

                Since when is something required to make sense…

                Look at the bigger picture and ask some other questions. Such as why does someone want to connect Columbia to Altanta over say, Macon or Athens? Who bennifits in the long term? What was the reason behind the study? Whay did the city ask for the study and what were their intent? What is the secondary effect to adding a rail? God knows horses were cheeper in the 1850 when we started the major rail lines, but it lead to second and third tier grow.

                Look beyond the current price tag of a bus ticket and question the other things that being blinded from a price tag hides.

            • Raleigh says:

              I’ll give you 1 Soldier I’ll even give you 100 or 1000 every weekend but that’s still not near enough to make the math to pay 1.3 billion for rail service add up. If 1000 soldiers did that every weekend for 50 years you would still be 1.125 Billion short of just paying for the line without paying maintenance.

              Consider this at 1.3 billion it will cost each and every Georgian (All 7,642,000 of us) over $170 each to build that one line. We could buy a heck of a fleet of party busses for those soldiers for that much money and pick up the bar tab. The math for rail just doesn’t add up.

              Come get me Mother, I’m through……

        • saltycracker says:

          But as you’ve read it is so easy to spend other peoples money and if it doesn’t work out they have to cough up more !
          VC’s have billions, better to hand them a billion, let them do it and know exactly how much we spent !
          Recall high speed rail does best connecting metros of a million or more.

  3. John Konop says:

    I have a question for the no government crowd. What roll do you think the government should play in inspecting our food supply?

    Read Below:

    USDA shutters Foster Farms poultry plant over cockroaches…..

    …..The move comes even as that site and two other California chicken plants remain under heightened USDA scrutiny following two outbreaks of salmonella food poisoning in the past year, including one that is ongoing and has sickened at least 416 people in 23 states and Puerto Rico.

    “Today our inspectors observed insanitary conditions in the plant,” said Adam Tarr, a spokesman for the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service…..

  4. saltycracker says:

    In other news Dennis Rodman apologized saying he was drunk and denied rumors that Jane F and Nancy P were with him at the time.

  5. Harry says:

    From Breitbart:

    Rep. Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, sent a letter today to Attorney General Eric Holder revealing new information that reached the committee on who is conducting the internal investigations at the IRS regarding the inappropriate targeting of conservative groups. Seeking an explanation as to why the FBI has been unresponsive to the committee, Rep. Issa noted that current and former IRS officials revealed Barbara Bosserman, a trial attorney within the IRS’s Civil Rights Commission, is leading the internal investigation.

    Bosserman’s leadership raises all sorts of questions about the investigation’s fairness. Rep. Issa’s investigations revealed that she has been a loyal financial backer of the DNC since 2004 and has donated multiple times personally to President Obama’s two campaigns. Her personal donation total reaches $6,750 to both the party and President Obama.

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