You Wanted the Best… You GOT the Best: Morning Reads

41 years ago this month (the exact date is lost to the pages of history) saw the formation of Western culture’s crowning accomplishment of the last 500 years… KISS.

Here’s MTV’s broadcast of their 1995 “Unplugged” concert, IMO their best.

A couple of things to watch today:

  1. Georgia Board of Regents to discuss smoking ban.
  2. Glavine, Maddux, McGriff among others who will learn if they will be enshrined into the Baseball Writers Monument to Themselves Baseball Hall of Fame. It’s a shame the Hall is now such a joke.

Morning Reads

More KISS-tory (get it? Like “history” + “KISS”)… In October’s Kiss Kruise they played “The Oath” at both of their electric shows. I for one, hope “Music from ‘The Elder'” gains more respect as time goes on.


        • Ellynn says:

          That was just mean. You should be nicer to The Simpsons. (Although Rep. Gowdy does look at bit like a young Mr. Burn…)

            • Ellynn says:

              I have never seen anyone beside Rep. Gowdy have a screamfest directed at a sitting Sec. of State in a congressional hearing, regardless of party.

              You can do snippy, you can do sarcasm and even raise your voice in a congressional hearing. Yelling and pitching a fit a 2 year old would envy is just bad political form in a hearing. Not to say it’s praiseworthy on the floors of congress (ie. former Rep Weiner, or New York’s Rep King), but a hearing… just rude.

              • Harry says:

                You mean this congressional hearing? Seems to me he was just exhibiting some righteous indignation at the lying of Lois Lerner, and for good reason.

                Here’s another good one

    • Ed says:

      His wife still respects him, even though he really misuses her. He’s having an affair with a random computer.

  1. Noway says:

    I know it’s late in the day but it looks like Chris Christie’s staff was involved in some political payback against a mayor who wouldn’t endorse the The Big Guy. Results? Traffic snarls for ordinary citizens. Gov’t abuse at its best, it seems. If it’s true and he knew about it, I hope his political career is done.

    • Lea Thrace says:

      The emails and texts are pretty damning at this point. It’s not looking good for the Christie’s administration/cabinet.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      I read some about this a couple of weeks ago on-line, but didn’t give it much thought. Those responsible earned dismissal for stupidity if they weren’t being dismissed for betrayal of public trust. Like someone at some level in a large organization wasn’t going to give it lanes were closed for no reason.

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