Rep Charles Gregory: WTF

Representative Charles Gregory (R/L – Hisownworld) sent out a fundraising email this evening with the subject line “WTF”.

Of course that can only mean one thing (In Liberty Loving circles) – IT’S A MONEY BOMB!!!1!!1!!!

And what’s his plea?

By refusing to compromise my standards, values, and principles, and declining to “play ball” or join the “incumbent cartel” (dedicated to protecting incumbents at all cost, regardless of principle or voting record), I didn’t earn any “favors” from leadership or from any of the special interest groups hovering around the Capitol.

So…incumbent Charles Gregory wants you to give him money because those who are dedicated to “protecting incumbents at all cost, regardless of principle or voting record” won’t support him, the incumbent.

I don’t know about a bomb but his logic, it burns.


  1. southernpol says:

    Rep. Gregory and his emails are a rather sore subject for me. He is not following the law, yet he claims to be Mr. Liberty. How about respecting my privacy, Rep. Gregory, and not stealing my email address?

    (Lengthy details & email exchanges below)

    When he first began campaigning, I started receiving emails from him having never heard of him. So I asked how he got my email address. His reply:

    Hi Jacob,

    Did you sign up at or have you worked with any state Ron Paul groups or gone to any RP events with sign up forms?

    I let it go for some time, then followed up after receiving a lot more emails.


    Just curious.. as I did ask once about how you had acquired my email address but no ethics filings had occurred at that point.

    Where in your ethics filing at do you account for the purchase of this Ron Paul Georgia email list or payment for use of it?

    He replied:

    Hi Jacob; purchasing lists are not the only way to research email addresses.

    In Liberty,

    Charles Gregory

    “Research” email addresses? What legal way did you obtain this email address, get my permission for me to be on said email address, and where do you account for that in your ethics filing?

    • Napoleon says:

      There are a million ways to get email addresses and likely Gregory doesn’t remember how he got yours. It could have been from RP or it could have been from a mutual friend who said, “Hey, Jacob would probably want to be on your list too.”

      The RP list is a little problematic, but if the list was not officially property of the campaign, it might be fair game. If Gregory always had control of the list, it might be fairer game.

      As for legality,
      1. it’s not stealing as he has not seized control of your email; and
      2. it’s not an invasion of privacy as political messages are protected under the 1st Amendment (which is also why you can’t block hiim for calling you with the DO NOT CALL List).

      I’m sure he has an unsubscribe link somewhere on his email. Just use that and move on with your life. I can’t believe you’ve spent so much time whining about this already.

      Oddly enough, I’m not on his list and I would probably contribute to him.

      • southernpol says:

        I signed up for the Ron Paul GA list when I worked for Newt and was keeping an eye on what they were doing.

        In order for him to obtain that email list, it would have to be listed as a contribution on his ethics disclosure. Because the Ron Paul GA group, whether Gregory was in charge of it or not, actually is the owner of that data. That is who I gave my data to.

        I gripe all the time when I receive unsolicited emails. And I will continue to.

        I find it ironic that the liberty guys are fine with passing around email data. I didn’t give Charles Gregory my email address and he didn’t send me an email asking if I wanted to be on it (if, say, someone said I should be on the list as you claim).

        • Will Durant says:

          Targeted email lists are bought and sold as commodities by legitimate and illegitimate companies worldwide. You have much more sensitive data than an email address floating around out there and being shared between private and public companies and governments. For example the credit bureaus mine much more information than credit history to derive their credit scores and bankruptcy models, and guess what, they also market email lists. If you are concerned about just one email address then keep it only for friends and family, not Facebook friends either. One for personal business, company business only on the company email system, and at least one throwaway address for sharing with politicians and used car salesmen.

  2. Rick Day says:

    Aw he’s OK for an R. He just won’t play by the rules of the status quo. Ineffective at this time but every group needs a purpose driven creeper. However he does not rep me. I have my own issues with Able Mable and Vincent “The Rent’s too damn High” Fort.

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