Deal’s Fundraising To Carter’s 1.3 Million: That’s So Cute!

Jason Carter’s $1.3 Million Haul for the last fundraising quarter raised eyebrows last week, indicating that the Democrats plan to fight a war of attrition on at least two fronts this fall.  This morning, Greg Bluestein reveals numbers showing that Nathan Deal isn’t exactly conceding the battle of the contributions.

Gov. Nathan Deal had about $1.1 million in his campaign bank account six months ago. Figures released this morning show he’s roughly quadrupled that.

Deal’s campaign raised more than $4 million in the last six months, and has roughly that amount on hand as he gears up for a primary against two GOP foes and a potential November showdown with Democratic state Sen. Jason Carter.

He’s raised 94 percent of that sum from Georgia residents in at least 122 of the state’s 159 counties. He’s hit the fundraising circuit hard as Carter and the two Republicans – Dalton Mayor David Pennington and state School Superintendent John Barge – launched challenges.

Deal, of course, has two primary challengers, and can’t raise money during the legislative session (nor can Carter).  Seems clear at this point that the Governor will be able to fund his re-election bid with relative ease.


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