Session Rumors

Everyone knows that session will end even earlier than last year.  My guess is that the General Assembly will end on the 13th or 14th.  The latter is my birthday (Pi Day, for all you Tech grads).

The question remains as to what will actually pass and what parts of the budget will be increased or decreased.  These have bigger ramifications than policy, but few pay attention to the budget as it is both a tedious process and difficult to follow.

Presumed policy winners will be concealed carry and economic development.  The Speaker made the statement that the latter was his legislative priority.  (Why it isn’t everyone’s is rather beyond me.) My sincere hope is that the Speaker will pull some Vincent Russo genius and expand crowdfunding further in the state, but that’s a personal pipe dream of mine.

Other points of interest will be city expansion and school district fights in Dekalb.  Interim CEO, Lee May has expressed his interest in unifying Dekalb and making it “open for business”.  He’s got a long road to hoe, but if there is anyone who can restore integrity and faith in the county, it would be him. There is a tide turning in that county, and I sincerely hope that it will be for good.

Uber and Lyft have hired lobbyists, so there may be a tax or regulatory issue that may arise from this.  As I am to understand, the companies had challenges in California. (What business doesn’t with their regulations?)  I hope they will find Georgia to be friendly to their business model.

Subsequently, (I have not verified this), the Senate President Pro-Tem is rumored to provide insurance to some taxis in the state (who are not in favor of the new presence of competitors).  This issue may not be a specific bill that manifests, and more likely may be a regulatory or tax challenge which might draw in the Department of Revenue.  And really, who likes to see the tax man?

Otherwise, I think it’ll be a rather defensive session with little passed except the budget.  The appropriations battles will be where more the drama and intrigue may be found.


  1. Scarlet Hawk says:

    Oh yes, I am aware. Sigh. Have been reminded EVERY year by significant others. It doesn’t get old. Really.

    Good to know I’ll have more folks to share cake and celebrations with when it comes time. 🙂

  2. saltycracker says:

    Uber is an interesting concept. With Atlanta’s track record with rogue taxis and limos, what regulations should be imposed on these concepts ? Certainly not buyer beware, you are on your own.

    Below are a couple Forbes articles I recalled:

  3. Jackster says:

    Jekyll – The legislation to change the development rules on Jekyll from a percentage to a fixed acreage also includes the maneuver to include wetland/marsh as a part of that acreage.

    I am willing to bet this is one of the bills that will quietly be passed, as no one wants to have any public distraction on the difference between “ground” and “wet land”.

    The length of the eye roll needed to adequately express the odious magnitude of this act would probably result in a seizure.

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