Price on chairmanship prospects: “I’m here to serve in whatever capacity I can serve best”

Anything can happen, but if term-limited House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) moves on to lead another committee, Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) could assume the gavel when the next Congress begins in 2015.

Politico reported last month that Ryan wants to chair the House Ways and Means Committee in the next Congress, assuming Republicans maintain their majority in the 2014 mid-term election, to lead the push for tax reform.

That could mean Price, who currently serves as vice-chairman on the House Budget Committee, will hold the gavel beginning in 2015. The Georgia congressman, however, played down his prospects, noting that the decision isn’t in his hands.

“It’s a steering committee decision,” Price told me on Friday. “That’s the way that these decisions are made in our House Republican conference is that there are about 33 folks that sit on a steering committee that determine who sits on committees and who’s the chairman of the committees in the House.”

“So, we need to maintain the majority in the first place, we need to make certain that we increase our numbers in the House, and then I’m here to serve in whatever capacity I can serve best, I’m happy to do so,” he added.

The interview centered around the issue of healthcare, specifically, his legislation, the Empowering Patients First Act, a patient-centered alternative to Obamacare.

In addition to the in-depth discussion on healthcare, Price said that House Republicans are looking forward to a “very, very good year” from a policy standpoint.

“I’m really excited about the opportunities that we have to continue to put forward a budget that balances, to address the huge issues that we have as it relates to national security, and breaches of peoples privacy. Certainly healthcare is a major, major issue, and we’ll continue to lead on that score as well,” he added.


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