Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

It’s former Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus’s birthday, he was a segregationist, but before you judge, he also managed Dogpatch USA, which was a Lil Abner theme park. Okay, now judge away. The Morning Reads follow after the jump.


  • More Americans believe in Human Evolution (Pew Research)
  • Four ways to tell if Obamacare is the solution (Washington Post)
  • Academics Who Defend Wall St. Reap Reward (NY Times)
  • New York Times’ farrago of Dishonesty, Insinuations, and General Untoward (Streetwise Professor)
  • Americans Love Affair with Cars no longer a la mode (Columbia Journalism Review)
  • NSA seeks quantum computer that could crack the code(Washington Post)
  • Marketing Madness: A Postmortem for Generation X (Ted Rall)
  • Abattoir made the 20 best, if you want to indulge your inner haruspex (WSJ)
  • What if the Germans had won the first world war? (The Guardian)
  • Why the Passenger Pigeon Flies No More (New Yorker)
  • Are you mad about how everyone’s mean to big banks? Read this book. (New Republic)
  • Shale Oil Basins Around the World, in case you’re into fracking and don’t know where to look (Climateer Investing)
  • How Netflix beats Hollywood by being more accommodating (The Atlantic)
  • How Nobel-Winning Economic Theories Can Help Your Online Dating (WSJ)


  • Moral Mondays come to our state (Nation)
  • D.A. King unleashes the semi-well-disguised hate (CummingHome)
  • A grassroots push for the kids to score some medical weed (WSB)
  • Mayor Reed’s second term brims with big deeds (CL)
  • Get excited for awesome Chase from Dawson…place? (ajc)
  • Caesar Mitchell’s Chairman picks set up 2017 Mayoral Race (SaportaReport)
  • From hero to goat, a season in the life of a DB for Auburn (latimes)
  • Braves searching for stadium ideas from bow to stern (ajc)

And lastly, congratulations to the garnet and gold:






  1. Dave Bearse says:

    So how will the 2013 Georgia income tax returns of Georgian same-sex couples legally married in other states and filing federal returns as married filing jointly pan out?

    2013 GA Form 500 Line 5. “Enter filing status with appropriate letter (See Tax Booklet Page 12)”
    2013 GA Form 500 Instructions, page 12, Line 5. “You should use the same status that you use on your federal return.”
    2013 GA Form 500 Line 8. “Federal Adjusted Gross Income (from Federal Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ)”

    It seems that Georgia will be accepting federal married filing jointly for income tax purposes.

    I suppose the alternative would be to burden such couples by requiring they file single, requiring preparation of a shadow federal single return from which their Georgia filing single return would be prepared.

    • Stefan says:

      GDoR issued a bulletin on this in October, it said:

      “Georgia income tax law does not directly provide that the same filing status be used for Georgia purposes as is used for Federal purposes, but it does provide that Federal Adjusted Gross Income be used as the starting point in computing Georgia taxable income.

      The Department has traditionally required taxpayers to use the same filing status for both Georgia and Federal income tax purposes since Federal Adjusted Gross Income is computed based on a person’s Federal filing status. However, the Georgia Constitution, which limits marriage to relationships between a man and a woman, supersedes Georgia income tax law.

      Therefore, persons in a same sex marriage who can now file a Federal return using married filing jointly or married filing separately status must continue to file Georgia returns using the single filing status or, if qualified, head of household filing status.”

      So, assuming there’s a loss to the taxpayer by filing HoH instead of married, it sets up nicely for a challenge.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        No surprise that a GaGOP that whines about taxes being complicated and taking too much time doesn’t flinch at a doubling of the filing effort required of others. (And it will be a doubling, as three federal returns will need to be prepared.) As per usual, entitlements and conveniences accruing to their own are earned, but are moocher handouts for everyone else.

    • saltycracker says:

      Espn’s Musberger never stopped drooling on Auburn and after 100 times saying Auburn just wants to the fourth quarter, then FSU scored 21 points – sensational game for both teams and the best won. No fan of either could sit down in the 4th.

      It started emotionally when Chief Osceola drove the flaming spear into the turf.

  2. dturkheimer says:

    Faubus was probably a little bit more calculating and cynical than the average politician, but outside of his hateful Little Rock behavior — which he felt like he needed to do because of his segregationist rivals — he took some progressive positions both before and after that time. After all, Jimmy Carter lost an early election because of his moderate racial views and, moving to the right on the racial divide, he vowed that he would never be “out—ed again.”

    • xdog says:

      he vowed that he would never be “out—ed again.”

      That quote is one state and about 10 years off, Mr. Faux StefanKin.

  3. saltycracker says:

    One More – Obamacare explained;

    Obamacare — To insure the uninsured we first make the insured uninsured and then make them pay more to be insured again so the original uninsured can be insured for free.

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