“That is the one unforgivable sin in any society. Be different and be damned!”

First, thanks to the editors and contributors at Peach Pundit.  Courtesy and graciousness are lost arts, and these folks have it. Their mammas should be proud.

My name is Lora Scarlet Hawk, and while I reside in Atlanta, I am grateful to have been born in the Classic City and reared in Social Circle, GA.  More (read: boring) of my bio may be found here; follow me on twitter here.

I am not a journalist. 

Politics is my profession (lobbyist, campaign consultant, and fundraiser), and my insights/opinions are based upon the relationships and experiences I have gathered in the last nine years of my work.

I am an Independent.

You are welcome to consider me what you will.  I question and work with candidates from both parties, a few nonprofits and small businesses, and I only work with the people and organizations in which I truly believe.

I am an all-inclusive and accepting kind of Baptist (join me in the pew at Northside Drive Baptist Church), a member of the Black Ring Mafia (ASC c/o ’04), the Cashmere Mafia, the Junior League of Atlanta, Inc., and when I’m not working, I’m volunteering. I’ve got a bias for girls trying to make in it business/politics for which I make no apologies.

I am a female contributor to Peach Pundit.

Last year I was asked to join a female-focused political organization’s board by a colleague of mine whom I hold in high esteem.  I agreed.  I met with their previous chair, explained that I work with candidates from both parties, but was willing to fundraise for their organization.  It would have been my honor and privilege to help them get more women into leadership positions.  However, their board decided I was not the right fit to sit at their table.  In contrast, the all-male board of Peach Pundit accepted me and the contributors personally welcomed me aboard.  My acceptance to PP and my rejection from this board is incredibly amusing to me now.

The honor I’ve been given is appreciated and I will return the favor by attempting to offer posts worthy of the readers’ time and interest.  

*+5 to any soul who knew the title quotation comes from Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind and didn’t have to Google it.


  1. saltycracker says:


    “the all-male board of Peach Pundit”
    Trust, but cut the cards.
    Sit with your back to the wall
    PP’ers are not rude, we just lost and have to play by Yankee rules.

  2. Scott65 says:

    I always remember Social Circle because thats where Nathalie Dupree is from, and I used to enjoy watching her cook on PBS and talk about her home in Social Circle. Every time she screwed something up…it was always followed by “well, you wont do that at home…”. She always seemed like she had had a swig out of the cooking sherry sometimes more sometimes less…made her all the more endearing (hell, it was enough to make me think of Social Circle).

  3. analogkid says:

    Scarlet Hawk is not the name of the journalist. It is that of a rock star. #theresstilltime

    And welcome.

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