GA District in Politco’s Top 10 Races to Watch

H/T to Daniel Malloy for this one.

Politico has released a list of the top  10 must watch House races for this year. Half way down the list is Georgia’s own District 12. I have to agree that it sure will be an interesting race to watch and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. I’ve got a whole stash of popcorn waiting for it.

For Republicans, there’s no more elusive target than Georgia Rep. John Barrow — the last white Democrat to represent Congress in the Deep South and a masterful campaigner.

Even after GOP legislators shoved Barrow into a deeply conservative district, the congressman managed to comfortably win reelection in 2012. Barrow ran one of the best TV ads of the election, showing off a Smith & Wesson gun that he said his father used to stop a lynching. The spot ingeniously appealed to conservative gun owners and to black voters who make up around one-third of the district.

In 2014, the congressman is likely to face Republican Rick Allen, a construction company owner who GOP officials insist will be a much more formidable opponent than Barrow’s last one.

Notice, no mention of John Stone.



  1. Salmo says:

    “GOP officials” (whoever that is) insist that Rick Allen will be a more formidable opponent than the last election, of which Rick Allen was a part.

  2. Jon Lester says:

    Barrow has survived because he’s always had terrible opponents.

    Was it Rick Allen, or the other guy, who tried to appropriate the PP event at Sconyers’ BBQ?

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