David Scott Gets a Primary Challenger

It appears that Congressman David Scott has a primary challenger in the 13th Congressional District. Michael Owens recently announced he was running in the 13th, which wraps around the western and southern Atlanta suburbs from Smyrna to Stockbridge.

From his website:

For far too long, the 13th district has been an area in need of repair. Our schools are suffering, our jobs are disappearing and our future is in serious doubt. I’m running because I determined to change that. We have a wonderful, diverse group of smart, hard-working people who deserve the kind of leadership and representation that will make a lasting change. From Mableton to Stockbridge and from Douglasville to Riverdale; I have a deep connection to this district, full of family and friends who have asked me to step up and fight for them. I’m running because I want to see every city and town within the district thriving and to see our country again, become the leader in education, job performance and technology advancements. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch our government continue to shutdown, play partisan games and ignore the needs of its people.

Owens is a Marine who served in the Persian Gulf conflict, and earned an undergraduate degree from North Carolina A&T State University, a Masters from Georgia Tech, and a Doctorate in Business Administration from California InterContinental University. He works for Cisco Systems.

If I am counting correctly, we now have open seats or primary challenges in the 1st, 4th, 10th, 11th, 13th and 14th congressional districts. In addition, John Barrow in the 12th district will have Republican opposition. That’s half of the Georgia delegation to Washington. And, there’s still plenty of time for others to jump in.


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