Traffic stop in Brunswick snags fugitive south Georgia banker who disappeared and was declared dead

Happy New Year! From the AP:

Aubrey Lee Price, 47, was arrested [Tuesday] during a stop for a vehicle and traffic violation on Interstate 95 in Brunswick by members of the Glynn County Sheriff’s Department, the U.S. attorney’s office in Savannah said. Price is set to make his initial appearance before a federal judge in Brunswick on Thursday.

Price disappeared in June 2012 after sending a rambling letter to his family and acquaintances that investigators described as a confession. A Florida judge declared him dead a year ago, but the FBI had said it didn’t believe Price was dead and continued to search for him.

Prosecutors have said Price had raised roughly $40 million from about 115 investors, mostly in Georgia and Florida, through the sale of membership interests in his investment firm. Authorities believe Price slipped away with up to $17 million of investors’ money.

Given the circumstances of Price’s disappearance, it seems more than odd that a judge would declare him dead so soon. As noted in that excerpt, the FBI didn’t believe he was dead.

News first broke of the fraud investigation and Price’s disappearance in early July 2012. A few days later, the FDIC closed Montgomery Bank & Trust in Ailey, just west of Vidalia, where Price was a director.

Representative Greg Morris (R-Vidalia), chair of the Georgia House banking committee, was also a director at MB&T, according to the AJC in 2012.


  1. Neptune says:

    Let us not forget a few things.

    1. Janice Knowles worked for MB & T and has already served time in prison for the following:

    2. Rep. Greg Morris, Chairman of the Banks & Banking Committee was also on the board of MB & T. He is also related to Janice Knowles.

    3. Rep. Greg Morris was also fined by the FDIC in 2006 for an improper banking transaction:

    4. At the time that MB & T went down, the Vidalia Mayor’s brother Wendell Dixon was also a VP at the bank. Plus, Vidalia Mayor Ronnie Dixon’s wife worked at the bank.

    5. The chairman of MB & T’s former board of directors was Pete Robinson, an influential lobbyist on banking matters and a staunch political ally of Gov. Nathan Deal.

    I could keep posting link after link, but one thing is for sure……South Georgia is one of the MOST corrupt areas in the nation. This doesn’t include the drug-trafficking that is going on down here. On top of this, I-95 is a primary route and I-16 is now a secondary route for the drug trade. This doesn’t include the Vinod Khosla Range Fuels debacle in Soperton. But, the following State Integrity Report says it all:

  2. Harry says:

    Word on the street is the feds have more than sufficient cause to shut down at least one other (not so small) Georgia bank, but will not move. Official reason given is they don’t want to cause any further havoc in the state’s banking community, but with the Obama administration you can never take anything at face value. Could it be there are serious (known by the feds) management illegalities, but in effect a “favor” was proffered, to be cashed in at a later date?

    Let’s just call it a conspiracy theory.

  3. Neptune says:

    Bill, it is so interesting. It was just yesterday that I had said that Lee Price was probably involved in the drug trafficking here in Georgia. From what we have learned (unfortunately), the drug trafficking reaches into just about every area of leadership, to include business, farmers, law enforcement and the small-time dealers on the street. There’s a reason that so many people down here drive around in $60,000 trucks and SUV’s.

    Here’s the interesting thing. Lee Price was caught on a window tint violation. In Montgomery, Toombs and Treutlen counties, you can ride around with a totally black window tint and nothing seems to be said about it. We see it constantly. Black trucks & SUV’s with the blackest black window tint. White vans blacked out on the sides and front window. Nice 4-door family vehicles are even blacked out. All races and ages are driving these cars and trucks – men, women, older, younger, black, white, etc. – you name it. Down here, drug deals go on in broad daylight. It’s worse than people can imagine.

    As a matter of fact, Business Insider had an article a while back about the drug trafficking routes used in the U.S.

    We’ve also seen the MS-13 written on the stop signs down here. This area was messed up long before Lee Price ever came to town. However, he will help to bring some new and unwanted attention to the awful corruption in this area. No wonder people stay to themselves down here.

    I have honestly never seen anywhere as corrupt as the South Georgia area. It’s truly mind-boggling. I think the reason it stays so hidden is because is sits in the tall Georgia pines.

    Now, we no longer have to wonder why the trustees at Brewton-Parker College in Mount Vernon voted in a president who openly lied about where he was born and raised on more than one occasion – proven lies. You Tube is covered in Ergun Caner videos exposing his lies. Not one, no NOT ONE ……BPC trustee had the common sense nor the discernment to question this man’s unbelievable controversy. The following videos are just three of many, many videos exposing his con artistry.

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