Morning Reads for New Year’s Eve, 2013



Well, congratulations, you’ve made it to another year, which could not be said of the Chinese Emperor Dorgon,who died on this day in 1650. Weren’t expecting that, were you?

Morning Reads after the jump…


  • According to developers, Atlanta is back (WXIA)
  • and this is how David Hasselhoff eats a Big Mac. (VIDEO)
  • Linder thinks Senate might grant citizenship to all of Mexico (Blaze)
  • That statement is mad feckless, yo.
  • Thomas Watson statute replacement argument ends in the local pen (Fox5)
  • Georgia Tech notices too late that it’s a trap, again (AJC)
  • Lamar Willis sued by a Nigerian Chief (AtlLawBlog)
  • Atlanta Magazine recounts the year in local vegetables and beef (AtlantaMagazine)
  • When Jay-Z walks into your bar, it’s gonna be a good day (wsb)
  • King Center to honor the former Cassius Clay (Saporta)



  • A dirty little secret:Unemployment and Gain (Calculated Risk)
  • Dems Turn to Minimum Wage as 2014 Campaign (NY Times)
  • Next big crisis will be the insurer (FT)
  • U.S. lags as broadband procurer (NY Times)
  • Margin of Safety is a line in the sand (Farnam Street)
  • Separating Mine From Thine -the history of owning land (WSJ)
  •  The Year Megaplatforms Ruled The Internet (BuzzFeed)
  • 9 Warmest years ever were since 1998, and it is getting warmer yet (Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal)
  • Why the cult of hard work is counter-productive (New Statesman)
  • Pursing Vermeer’s secrets is entirely reductive (Vanity Fair)
  • Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson is quite deep, I think you’ll find (Mental Floss)
  • How Your Data Are Being Deeply Mined (New York Review of Books)
  • UBER: The Black Car Company That People Love to Hate (Next City)
  • This man’s predilection for large posteriors is impossible to sate (Vulture)
  • Dear Ticketmaster, it’s time to become pro-proletarian (Medium)
  • Adam Smith, Communitarian (American Conservative)
  • Of Dr. Hayek and Mr. Hayek, it appears there were two (
  • Perhaps Charlie Chaplin was stricken with the same flu (Lapham’s Quarterly)



  1. saltycracker says:

    Republicans shouldn’t take the minimum wage bait. Illegals on every corner and “legal” cash workers have already set that at $8-$10 net. Raising the min. will squeeze the employees as compliant employers will focus on doing more with fewer employees or finding end arounds.

    The strategy for Republicans might be to find the higher min. wage ground where the Democrats will agree to getting the non-compliant on the radar, expanding the tax base via an overhaul of the tax code and immigration law.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    A 2014 prediction for those with an interest in transportation. Federal transportation funding and truck weight limits will get much more than usual political attention.

    The current transportation legislation, MAP-21, expires Oct 1, 2014, but the real issue is the Highway Trust Fund’s increasing deficit. $50B+ in general revenue will have been used since 2009 to supplement the Highway Trust Fund by the end of MAP-21. Maintaining current federal funding, while eliminating the Trust Fund deficit ($15B annually by 2015), would require about a ten cent increase in the federal gas tax (18.4 cents per gallon since 1993).

    I support Representative Blumenauer’s legislation to phase in a 15 cent increase and then index the tax to inflation, and his complementary legislation to investigate taxation by mile:

    Truck weights are in the picture because MAP-21 required a report on the effects of higher maximums be sent to Congress later this year: Interested parties began lobbying Congress for higher maximums (5 axle 80,000 pounds is the current standard, 6 axle 97,000 pounds have been proposed) in early 2013.

  3. Ed says:

    FWIW, Tech played Ole Miss, known as the Rebels, I mean, Admiral Ackbars, I mean the Bears.

    Mississippi State is the Bulldogs.

  4. Stefan says:

    I know you guys aren’t going to click on the Vulture article above about the making of Sir Mixalot’s “I like Big Butts” but you really should. As long as you don’t play the video (no auto-play), it is entirely safe for work.

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