Here’s Keeping Track Of 2014!

I’ve done on-and-off journaling for the past 3 years or so.  It’s been fairly inconsistent (ok, pretty inconsistent), but I do my best.  Sometimes I write about political goings-on and more personal stuff with the hope that my kids and grandkids, Lord willing, would have a better insight as to what was going on at those times in my life.

I’m going to try something a little different.  I came across these Standard Memorandum Notebooks from Word. Notebooks for 2014*.  The concept is to just write a sentence or two about your day…anything from the weather, sitting around eating Cheetos and watching the 24-hour news channel of your choice, family or personal milestones, or major events that affect our state’s and nation’s history.  They’re little mementos from your own history that you’re leaving behind to future generations.  I’m challenging myself to do it and then review it one year from today and see what transpired.  I may even write a post about it.

So, who wants to join me?

*Note:  I’m not endorsing a product or anything…I just thought it was pretty cool.  You can do the same thing with Twitter, Facebook, Notepad, spiral-bound notebook, scrap paper, your phone, or whatever you want.


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