Christmas Day Threadjacking

Morning peeps.  I trust “most” of you enjoyed your Christmas holiday.

I say “most” because at least one of you decided to spend yesterday spamming our comments section by announcing some mastermind takedown of corrupt politicians.  This is the same person/group sending out friend requests under a pseudonym on Facebook promising to do the same thing.

A few points:

1) If you have news to announce, take a look at the top of this page and click that link that says “News Tip Line”.  Threadjacking other comment threads for your purposes won’t end well for you.  Ever.

2) Announcing you’re going to announce news isn’t news, especially if you’re doing so under an anonymous or fake name.  You will be ignored until you say who you are and/or provide evidence against those you’re planning on taking on.

3) If this is how you decided to spend your Christmas, you have a sad life.

4) Future posts from you are being sent directly to our spam filter.


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