Almost-Noon Reads–The Best Christmas Gift of All

Happy Boxing Day, y’all.

The best Christmas gift of all would be two Morning(ish) Reads from Ed. Also, by virtue of me taking over for Thursday, that is tacit acknowledgement from Jessica of my intellectual, political, spiritual and culinary superiority.

With the end of the year I will end the Buck Owens Appreciation Series with some hilarity from “Hee Haw.” 


  1. saltycracker says:

    UPS/FEDEX could have been treated equally to online Obamacare shoppers if Congress delayed Christmas.

  2. Three Jack says:

    Thanks for posting the story about a certain TPP leader spouting off but not backing up her words. Seems this happens quite often yet somehow this person continues in a leadership/spokesperon role. I’m sure the Braves and Cobb County are scared.

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