Morning Reads for Christmas Eve, 2013

  • ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the House
  • A movement was stirring, time to get soused;
  • and though Beverly Hall remains confident of beating the rap,
  • yet another defendant plead guilty in the school cheating flap,
  • If Ross Douthat’s recent generalizations have left you in fear,
  • here’s an argument that he misconstrued red deer,
  • Explanations on what caused the first world war clash,
  • to run through the theories, we’ll throw up the sash.
  • So many possibilities on who was to blame,
  • maybe it’ll help if we call them by name?
  • On Schlieffen, on McKinley, on Nietsche and Lusitania,
  • on Angell and Wilhelm, and no thoughts of contain-ya.
  • and as another baggage/gift carrying imp alights from his perch,
  • though likely not looking forward to his next TSA search,
  • But take a moment today, before the sleigh gets soaring,
  • to exclaim “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good morning!


  1. bgsmallz says:

    I can’t rhyme, don’t have the skillz, and certainly would bore;
    but all 15 counts of the Pink Pony’s lawsuit dismissed on summary judgement would seems like a score.

    If you read the opinion, what’s really interesting is that not only can DeKalb not enter into a contract that would somehow preclude Brookhaven from enforcing its own laws (hmmmm…where have I heard that before?), but the opinion seems to cast doubt on whether the settlement agreement is even enforceable against the county due to the concept of ultra vires. ~Snicker snicker~…pride cometh before the fall.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Our politicians have no shame
    As they accept no blame
    It’s not their fault
    As influences are bought
    So we can’t get lax
    On who should pay the tax
    If you have to ask why
    To get the other guy
    In 2014, avoid the blues
    Don’t pay for the news

      • saltycracker says:

        Hawking “believes” physics can explain consciousness….hopefully someday…. but it remains a mystery how from nothingness we can have something……and tomorrow we can reflect on the mystery of unconditional love…..

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