Morning Reads: 23 December 2013

For those who celebrate, enjoy your Christmas this week. To those that don’t, enjoy your bank holiday. Here’s what happened over the weekend.


Gov. Deal transfers Georgia Sports Hall of Fame to private owner.
Desegregation order lifted in Richmond County.
Delta to buy Alaska Air?
This seems to be a pattern in Savannah.
Friendly marriage advice from one Mayor to another.

AFLAC to benefit from Obamacare fallout?


A transitional year for Obamacare proposed by Sen. Manchin
US-Japan SOFA agreement reached to recognize same sex spouses.
Debating he NSA.
An interesting thought experiment about Christians and the Middle East.
India and Japan acting to balance China.

Everything Else

Rest In Peace Corporal.
And the record returns to Peyton Manning.
Well that’s an interesting argument about the fall of the USSR.


    • saltycracker says:

      Air Alaska is a good “regional” carrier and serves some small markets with a lot of special capabilities, pilot skills and weather challenges. As a delta multi-million miler I am apprehensive over how mega air will approach my fare and schedule from say, Seattle to Wenatchee.

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